A time and place for kids to be kids

Every year Student Council members at Seitz Middle School raise money by hosting an event we call “Teacher Auction.” 

All the teachers in the school contribute prizes as well as time spent with students doing fun activities. The hot item this year is airpod earbuds. For two weeks prior to the event, students purchase raffle tickets to win a prize and/or spend time with staff members playing basketball/hockey, board games, and lunch or just hanging out with their teacher for the day. 

Last year, Student Council (Derrick DiBrano & John Grahl Advisors) decided they wanted to take the proceeds from this event and purchase picnic tables. Since that time, Parent Club (Dina Doyle & Nicole Kornijenko presidents) agreed to match this purchase with funds; and our director of operations (Gary Kennedy) did, too. 

The tables arrived and are right outside our cafeteria, so all students can enjoy them during lunch-time. We also take students outside in the same area, weather permitting, everyday so they can get a breath of fresh air and release some energy before returning to class. 

Having these tables really adds to our belief about “recess in the middle grades.” Older students also need time for relaxation and “play.” Middle school kids need to have unwinding and reflecting time just as adults do. 

Sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students enjoy a recess as part of their lunch period. The students have separate lunch periods, according to grade level, followed by a 15-minute break for recess. We allow them to play football or other various games like tag. They may run or relax and chat as long as they are playing safe and are in sight of the monitor. 

The principal and/or the assistant principal are responsible for supervising recess. It’s a great time for us to connect with kids and develop relationships with students we wouldn’t normally see. A big shout out to our students, staff, parent club and maintenance personnel for investing in much more than tables – time for kids to be kids. 

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