Alicia Cotter win RCHS Excellence in Leadership Award

Alicia Cotter

Tom Tigani

Dolly Parton once said the actions of an excellent leader create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.

Alicia Cotter has tried to do just that in her time at Riverview Community High School, which recently recognized her with an Excellence in Leadership award.

“During my high school career, I’ve tried to stay really involved with clubs and making new friends,” she said. “With my clubs I took leadership positions and was the Student Council president as a senior.

“I felt like my peers trusted me, and I always had that leadership quality about me growing up. I would always be the one to say something first and help with planning out group projects and things like that.”

Cotter said she got pretty good grades growing up, and that her father and grandmother both pushed her to excel in academics and always get her homework done.

At RCHS, her coach selected her to be a captain of the junior varsity girls’ soccer team in both her sophomore and junior years.

“I also had the honor of being the 2019 homecoming queen, a member of the National Honor Society, ensemble captain of my choir and vice president of the Class of 2020,” she said.

Of her shortened senior year, Cotter said, “It’s definitely been crazy, but we all know it’s something no other class has gone through. On the one hand we’ve been robbed of some things, but on the other hand, we’ve gotten a lot of support from leaders, celebrities and other people with encouraging messages on their live streams.”

While she and her classmates have adjusted pretty well to a strange set of circumstances, she’s disappointed she won’t get the chance to perform in “Newsies,” the school’s spring musical. She had two parts, playing one of the newsboys and showing up later in a cameo role.

Rehearsals began in January for the dance-heavy production, and though they only lasted a couple of months, she really misses them.

“I made a lot of friends and was really looking forward to it,” Cotter said. “I’ve been in choirs since first grade, and me and a couple friends auditioned as dancers. Last year I was a lead in ‘White Christmas,’ and this would have been a new experience.”

Future new experiences include learning to be an aesthetician at the Douglas J Aveda Institute in Ann Arbor. 

And lest one think all those leadership skills might go to waste while she’s helping others look better, she plans to attend college after she gets her license, and is considering studying nursing at Wayne State University — and learning how to help them feel better as well.

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