Alley trash pick up to be discontinued

Effective Nov. 30 2020, the city of Riverview will no longer allow trash to be picked up in the alleys. If you currently have alley trash pickup, please put it at the curb out front of your home starting Nov. 30.

Below are some pointers that will assist residents in proper and incident free collection of your weekly household trash.

  The collection process will be done with an automated arm truck and will require your cart to be set out for collection in the grass area between the sidewalk and the curb.

Place your cart with the handle towards your home and the opening facing the street.

To avoid loose trash blowing out into the environment, please bag all trash.

Carts should be placed three-feet from any fixed object (mailbox, fence, vehicle, tree, fire hydrant, additional containers, etc.)  to avoid property damage and proper service of your trash. 

Kiwanis says thanks to sponsors

The Kiwanis of Riverview would like to thank all the sponsors of the 2020 Dictionary Project.

The Kiwanis and it’s Dictionary Project provide every third grader in the Riverview Community School District with his or her own dictionary.

Over the years the Kiwanis have provided more 3,600 dictionaries to Riverview students.

The following individuals and local businesses have generously donated to the program: Piramal Pharma Solutions, D-21 Demolition, Carol and Bernard McCabe, Bruce and Karen Pease, Pentiuk Couvreur and Kubikjak-PC, E. W. Smith,  Riverview Towing, Sandra and Gary Biggar, Theresa Ciofani,  Nancy and John Colina, Biundo Cement Company, C.E. Raines Company,  Frank Concessi, Julie Daw. Matt and Kelly Dominski, Christy Gehringer, Tracy and Jacob Hollaway, Lisa and Craig Glines, Riverview Animal Hospital, Lynn Jacob, Carmin and Gary Jarvis, Janet & William Logan Jr., Carol Maciolek, Mikey and Joe Mouneau, Lynise Paschke, Mike and Beckie Pelky,  Riverview Tennis Team, Karin Dean, Catherine and Dale Roush, Rose Seyferth,  Vicky and Tim Bohr,  Kathleen and Chuck Skupin, Lisa and James Suyak, Cynthia and James Wellman Kiturkes and Mayor Andy Swift.

Halloween in Riverview

The City has received several inquiries from residents asking if Halloween will take place this year in light of Covid-19.

• Halloween is not a city sanctioned event, but rather an American social event or custom. Other than announcing the suggested hours to celebrate (usually 5:30-8pm),  the City has no further involvement. The City has no legal authority or basis to cancel Halloween or restrict the Constitutionally guaranteed free movement of its residents.

• All residents who participate indoors should consult indoor requirements mandated by Governor Whitmer’s Orders.  Similar guidance applies to outdoor events.  

The Governor may issue a specific order regarding Halloween, so be sure to review that order if issued, or call the Governor’s office at 517-373-3400 or 517-335-7858 (Constituent Services) for more information.

Tune in for RCHS sports

Because of the pandemic, all school athletic teams,including Riverview’s are allowed only a very limited number of spectators.

If you would like to keep up the Pirate athletes, their games can be viewed at