Annual Glen’s Subdivision Picnic is wet, but fun

The annual Riverview Glens Subdivision Picnic was held on Sunday, Aug. 18. Its organizer, Jacob Isham, with the help of his wife, Angie, and several of their neighbors put on the yearly event in Glens Park.

The park located directly in the middle of the subdivision was just recently cleaned up by the neighbors.  

After months of planning and organization the picnic took place on what started out as a beautiful day. But after setting up the tables, fun houses and games, the weather took a turn for the worse. 

A quick summer rain storm rolled in and had the friendly neighbors huddled under the pavilion. Even with the rain a great time was had meeting old friends and making new ones. 

There are several new families with children that have moved into the subdivision in the last year. The park still has the original play equipment, which is showing its age, but the children still love playing on it.  

The park has a new butterfly garden, three bird houses and a Free Little Library. 

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