Building improvements progressing in Riverview schools

Building improvements initiated by the passing of the 2018 sinking fund and the bond proposal by the citizens of the Riverview Community School District are underway and are already having a positive impact on the schools and students.

In addition to the new playground, Forest Elementary students are enjoying a remodeled media center, along with a new public address system and upgraded lighting.  Exterior door replacement, and security camera installation are scheduled for this year.  

At Huntington Elementary, students are also enjoying a new playground. The security camera system is installed and up and running as well as the lighting (LED) upgrade and public address system replacement. 

Huntington will also have air conditioning installed over the summer.

In addition to the new playground and lighting upgrade, Memorial Elementary has undergone a water main replacement, vestibule heater replacement, and the removal and repair of the cafeteria wall tables.  

The security camera system is being installed as are the cafeteria uni-vent heaters.  

The pool and office renovations at Seitz Middle School are past the planning stages and are revving up to start. Bids for this project have been sent and accepted with work to start in the first week of December.  

A new sound system has been ordered and the security camera system has been installed. Kitchen equipment such as a new dishwasher and ovens have also been installed.  The patio outside the cafeteria has been installed and the decorative and protective sails will be installed in the summer.  

Improvements at Riverview Community High School include remodeling of the band and choir room, the auditorium lobby and the main lobby stairwell wall. A new sound system for the cafeteria has been ordered as well as a sound system for the media center. 

Boys and girls swim lockers and girls PE lockers are being replaced.  

High school restrooms are being refinished and plans are in the works to remodel the science rooms over the summer.

These renovations bring a new energy to the buildings and provide opportunities for improvement to school programs and climate. If you would like to see some of these improvements, please feel free to schedule a visit with the building principal. 

Monthly updates are available on the school website at

Dr. Russell Pickell

Riverview Superintendent

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