City is on it way to building a full time fire department

Mayor of Riverview, Michigan - Andrew Swift

Andrew Swift

My fellow Riverview residents, keep up the good fight against Covid-19 by wearing your mask when out in public. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has issued new recommendations so please educate yourselves on them.  

Our new COVID-19 case count continues to be very low so please keep doing what you’re doing.

There is always so much to say in my articles.  

Let’s start with the recent passage of the Public Safety Millage.  

Riverview is on its way to building a fire department with eight full-time Fire-Fighter/Paramedics and a contingent of part-time personnel, all of them with the talent to provide our whole community with Advanced Life Support service. 

Thank You for your support and the confidence you’ve placed in us.

Another important item is the success of the Riverview Highlands during this pandemic.  Income is way up due the tremendous increase in the number of rounds played compared to last year.  

One of the main reasons for golfers returning to our fine course is the significant investment the city has made in the golf course itself and the surrounding area.  Leagues are returning and in the near future they may find new carts and more new paths to drive them on.

It’s been a while since you’ve been updated on the new business activity.  

Contrary to popular belief, Riverview is more than a ‘Drive through city.”  Earlier this year Athletico Physical Therapy moved in at the corner of Fort and Pennsylvania in the Riverview Center mall.  They specialize in a variety of physical therapy, rehabilitation and workman’s comp services to help patients get back to doing what they like to do.

In the same mall the very popular “The Taco Stand” now resides next to an open area.  This will be an awesome place to go when the weather is more conducive to eating outside.  I would suggest you get their Taco Stand Burrito, it is very good. 

In the same mall, Windsor Beauty Supply will be open soon. Windsor Beauty Supply is a supplier, manufacturer, and distributor of a complete line of Hair Color, Hair Care, Skin, and nail products.

Another new small business is Cherry Cutlery located at 18511 Fort (corner of Hale and Fort). They are an independent cutlery business which specializes in pocket knives, hunting knives, and kitchen cutlery. Cherry Cutlery also sharpens knives. Give them a visit they’d love to meet you.

Bogard Law Offices moved in on the north side of Fort and Colvin. This is a family law firm who specializes in bringing law to your corner. The city welcomes their family to our Riverview Family.

RP Fuel opened this summer on the north side of Zorba’s. Like most gas stations, they provide a good selection of convenience items too.

Piramal Pharma Solutions located in the southeast corner of our fine city is planning a second major expansion in Riverview. Piramal (Ash Stevens) is the contract development and manufacturing arm of Piramal Pharma Ltd. It has operations across North America, Europe, and Asia. We are glad they have chosen to expand in Riverview and bring in more high paying jobs.

Congrats to Louie at Riverview Cuts. He loves Riverview so much he changed the name of his barber shop from Jim’s Barbershop to “Riverview Cuts.”  He is located in the same mall as A Serendipity Cakery.  Stop in and say hello.

The Riverview Goodfellows have already begun their work on making sure that “No Child Goes without a Christmas.”   

Jason Gribble from the Riverview Community School District is the President this year.  He is joined by Tim Bohr as Vice-President. Returning as the all-important Secretary is Lou Ann Durand, while Doug Drysdale returns as Treasurer. 

The civic group has several committees made up of some pretty awesome volunteers.  The Goodfellows like all of us have been affected by Covid-19 in one way shape or form.  

The group still plans to sell the “Riverview Razzberry” to raise money to provide a Christmas to the needy Riverview families. 

But, the anticipation is that there are those who may not feel comfortable making donations at the street corner sales locations. To make donating safer and easier, on the front page of the Riverview Razzberry will be a QR-Code that can be used to donate.   

Look for them on major Riverview street corners on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 13-16.  You can make a donation now by going to to make a donation now.

Until next month please be well and be safe.

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