Developmental Kindergarten give students a leg up

Developmental Kindergarten is intended to give children who need additional time to mature physically and emotionally to do so in a safe and secure environment.  We provide meaningful and challenging experiences that build on children’s prior knowledge.

In our Developmental Kindergarten program, we provide learning experiences and opportunities for children similar to the kindergarten classroom, using a modified curriculum. 

The curriculum consists of language, literacy, math, science, social studies, technology, social experiences, physical skills, arts, and dramatic play.  The students not only learn academics but how to be a good friend and listener. 

Students grow at different rates and once they successfully complete DK are typically placed in a Kindergarten classroom.  This ensures success for the following years for the student in their learning.

Our program provides movement and learning within providing small center groups.  The class meets all day five days a week. The Developmental Kindergarten teacher, Violet Hoying, is a certified teacher with an early childhood endorsement.  Additional staff includes Chelise Marsh the paraprofessional, Robert Lothian the physical education teacher, Krista Fink the STEAM teacher, Kathy Walinsky the office paraprofessional and Grandma Pam the lunch lady.

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