Elementary student busy during lead-up to holidays

The holidays can be very difficult for students who are experiencing losses or traumas. Crafts can help students work through emotions and express their individuality. 

RCSD Elementary Counselor Bernadette Seim-Barnes provides emotional support to many kids throughout the elementary buildings. 

She designed a fun project for students to work on within the context of individual counseling. Students were able to choose colors of materials and design a Holiday Tree ornament. 

Creating their own designs builds confidence and self-esteem. Creativity within the counseling setting can also help students with the healing process. 

Many of the children chose to make the ornament as a gift for a family member. Students who gifted their ornament also had a life lesson of gift wrapping.  

Memorial adopted a family for Christmas

With the leadership of our elementary district counselor, Mrs. Bernadette Seim-Barnes, all staff contributed to ensuring one of our Memorial Families had a wonderful holiday filled with many gifts for all.   

Thank you, Mrs. Seim-Barnes and her helpers for coordinating and making sure all went perfectly!

Third graders get homemade hats

Mrs. Culverhouse’s third grade students were given an early gift from a close family member of hers – knitted hats for each of her students as our winter season has started.   

This is the second year in a row that Mrs. Culverhouse’s students have received these precious gifts.  

Santa’s helpers are all over our Pirate community and we are grateful for the love.  

STEAM classes send holiday cheer to seniors

STEAM teachers from Memorial, Forest and Huntington teamed up to help make cards to spread holiday cheer for residents of the American House

In keeping with the spirit of the season, Riverview teachers Sara Heise, Stacy Gajewski, and Krista Fink had their students make cards for the residents of the Riverview American House assisted living community. This community service project was coordinated by Elementary School Counselor, Bernadette Seim-Barnes.

Community service projects help students grow in the area of social emotional learning, which is essential for our students. This project helps elementary students spread holiday cheer while learning about compassion for others.

Sara Heise said, “The students are learning about showing empathy and thinking about others before themselves.”

Given the Covid -19 limitations that are placed on residents of the American House, many have not been able to see family or participate in group activities. Students designed cheerful Holiday cards with messages of support to help isolated older residents feel connected to the community.

Cards were distributed during the Holidays by Nicole Nation, the Community Relations Director at the American House.

“On behalf of the residents and staff at American House Riverview we would like to thank the children of Riverview for spreading joy and holiday cheer. It is truly touching to me how open and willing everyone is to hold people up in a difficult time – this time from the littlest hearts,” she said.

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