Firefighter-paramedics help make Riverview safer

Millage to fund hiring full-time firefighter-paramedics Is on  Nov. 3 ballot

Being a firefighter in Riverview, or any community, means helping neighbors in need.

“When people don’t know who to call or turn to, they call the fire department,” said Lieutenant Rocky Papalia of the Riverview Fire Department. “Doing what’s best for my town and the community is the best part of being a firefighter.”

Being a firefighter-paramedic is both rewarding and difficult. Public servants have chosen to take an oath of service to their communities. It requires continuous training and mental preparation for anything that comes their way. Many men and women have given their lives to protect people in the community.

What does being a firefighter mean? 

Whether it’s saving families from burning buildings, or providing emergency medical services in the midst of a health crisis, the job allows residents peace of mind; knowing someone will be there for them in their time of need.

Being a firefighter means being a jack of all trades. As a firefighter, it’s important to continue educating yourself on the latest advancements. Studying fire behavior, building construction, power tools and emergency medical services are all part of the job. The life of a firefighter  requires continuous learning.

The city of Riverview currently only has part-time firefighter-paramedics. A firefighter-paramedics millage is on the Riverview ballot Nov. 3 and proposes to add full-time firefighter paramedics to supplement existing staff for a safer Riverview.
Additional details include:

• Net zero-increase millage (replaces an expiring sewer debt millage).

• Full-time advanced life support and fire response for residents like you and our senior population.

• Dedicated 24/7 staffing.

• Full-service department for Riverview’s dramatic rise in “run volume” (67 percent increase since 2013).

• More hiring opportunities for city residents.

• All lots and land parcels are included in the millage district and all real property (residential, commercial, industrial) will be assessed at the same rate. Amounts will vary depending on each property’s taxable value.

• Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 3 in-person, or sooner by mail.

•  If approved, the millage takes effect July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2031.

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