Firefighter-paramedics: The unsung heroes of our community

TOP LEFT: Firefighter-paramedic Jason Jennings, BELOW: Fire Chief Ron Lammers

As first responders, Riverview’s firefighter-paramedics’ main priority is public safety. From saving lives in the community, to educating the public about fire safety, the work of a first responder is one of the toughest jobs out there. As the City of Riverview plans for the future, it’s important to understand the role firefighters play in the lives of its citizens 

Firefighters are on call to respond to a variety of emergencies, many of which are not related to fires at all. As a city with a large percentage of senior residential communities and care facilities, there is a vital need for emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and more safety equipment.

The addition of the new 70-foot aerial truck will increase the level of support the fire department can provide to buildings with multiple stories and the many senior living facilities.

“During my career with the Riverview Fire Department, I’m proud of the hard work we’ve done over the years,” said Riverview Fire Chief Ron Lammers. “With added equipment, education and prevention measures and advanced life support services, we’re doing a great deal to keep our community safe and provide excellent services to residents who need our support.”

Riverview has always been very proactive in its fire prevention and education efforts. Under a new partnership with the State of Michigan Fire Marshal, the fire department will begin installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in Riverview homes this fall.

“Fire prevention and education is such a vital part of community safety,” Chief Lammers added.

The City of Riverview continues to work towards a full-service fire department with advanced life support equipment, new CPR equipment and a hard-working staff to handle the job.

Transitioning the fire department to support both full and part time staff will also help reduce the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) rating, potentially reducing homeowner insurance rates in the area.

“Riverview firefighters and paramedics sacrifice a lot to serve their communities and with the help from Riverview residents, we plan to continue moving the fire department forward, creating a safer community for our residents,” Lammers added.

Riverview Firefighter-paramedic Millage vote is Nov. 3

The City of Riverview currently only has part-time firefighter-paramedics. The millage proposes to add full-time firefighter-paramedics to supplement existing staff for a safer Riverview.

● Net zero-increase millage (replaces an expiring sewer debt millage)

● Full-time advanced life support and fire response for residents like you and our senior population

● Dedicated 24/7 staffing

● Full-service department for Riverview’s dramatic rise in “run volume” (67 percent increase since 2013)

● More hiring opportunities for city residents

* All lots and land parcels are included in the millage district and all real property (residential, commercial, industrial) will be assessed at the same rate. Amounts will vary depending on each property’s taxable value.

If approved, the millage takes effect July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2031

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3 in-person, or sooner by mail. For more millage details, visit:

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