Good citizen tennis players a community asset

You play sports to win. That’s the name of the game. You practice hard, compete hard and hope to come out on top.

Winning is important, but other things are, too.

Coach Kimberly Ng’s Riverview tennis team has proved that all season long. In addition to practicing and playing matches, the Buc netters have spent time helping beautify and manicure the town they call home.

They have been “working hard this season on and off the court,” according to their coach. 

The Bucs have put in the time on the court since the middle of August playing five to six days a week. Off the court they have been weeding at local parks in the city. 

The Riverview team reserves at least an hour a week after a practice and heads to a park. Masks and gloves on, they get down and try to pull as many weeds as they can considering they all have homework and other commitments outside of tennis.

“I am so proud of how hard these gentlemen have been working,” said Ng. “They show up to practice ready to play and my seniors on the team have stepped up to the challenge and have shown great leadership. 

“This year I wanted my team to give back to the community by weeding at the parks and to feel a sense of community.”

It’s worked.

Winning is important, but being a great citizen is, too.

The members of the Riverview team are: Seniors Nic Acton, Jack Diroff, Ethan Hiltz, Ari Korogiannis, Josh Lavrack, Jake Leidner, Collin Schacht and Andrew Weimer; Juniors Brady Hoyt and Joe Nadolski; Sophomores Brent Holbrook, Brent Kerley, Justin Clifton, Brody Julvezan and Luke Johnson; and Freshman Greg Sparks. 

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