Great Start Readiness Program up to 54 students

Riverview Schools

Tiffanie Plackowski

The Riverview Community School District’s Great Start Readiness Program preschool is in full swing and our 4-5 year-olds are learning and growing everyday. The program recently received grant funding for an additional class that began Jan. 6 and now has 54 students enrolled.

GSRP students practiced an evacuation drill in the fall, where students and teachers walked with Developmental Kindergarten and RVA students to Memorial – the “rally point” – and practiced what we would do in case of emergency.

GSRP students also got to go on a field trip to the Henry Ford Museum in early November and had a wonderful time. The group has an Outreach Program with The Henry Ford, which is a partnership where we get free tickets for GSRP families.

The students also had a family bowling night in December, sponsored by Ten Pins of Trenton on Fort Street! We got bowling, shoes, pizza and soda!

The Great Start Readiness Program and DK students have been thoroughly enjoying the freshly tiled gym on the St. Cyprian Campus. The bikes have been used almost daily!

GSRP students are getting kindergarten ready and are excited to participate in kindergarten round up in April.

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