GSRP preschoolers visit The Henry Ford

Riverview Community School District’s GSRP Preschool program recently participated in a safe, socially-distanced field trip, to The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn. 

Riverview’s GSRP program participates in a community outreach partnership with The Henry Ford. In previous years, the 4-5 year old students visited and had rich, historical encounters. 

This year, due to covid restrictions, Director Tiffanie Plackowski was worried 2020/21 GSRP preschoolers wouldn’t get this experience. 

Mrs. Plackowski worked with Henry Ford’s Community Outreach Director, Stacey Simmons, to safely organize the field trip into three consecutive days. This three-day set up – one class per day – allowed for proper social distancing. 

Students were accompanied by a chaperone from home, instead of “touring” the museum in a large group. 

With their masks on, GSRP students explored the museum. 

Families experienced meaningful exhibits, including: Liberty and Justice for All, the presidential vehicle exhibit and Heroes of the Sky. 

The children especially loved the train exhibit, Mathematica, Your Place in Time and Driving America. The favorite moment reported by many preschoolers was “squishing pennies” in the crank machine. 

The Henry Ford Museum is at limited capacity and doing a wonderful job with maintaining social distancing and following safety protocols. RCSD GSRP families and staff were grateful to have been chosen for this memorable experience for our students.