Hello residents and welcome to Summer!

Mayor of Riverview, Michigan - Andrew Swift


Welcome to summer and hopefully the rain has at least slowed down. The City is slowly getting caught up on the grass cutting and we do appreciate your understanding and patience.

We all know someone who sees the glass as “half-empty.” That’s not how I look at things. I not only look at the glass as “half-full,” I want to figure out how to make it overflow. This is the attitude I’ve had long before becoming your mayor.

After reading so many negative comments on Facebook from the same people over and over, I’ve done a lot of reflecting on the changes in our community in the last four years.

Your city council has worked hard to improve your city and focus on providing an environment that encourages business development and expansion.

One of the first action items I took after becoming mayor was to reinstate the Economic Development Committee and the Brownfield Authority. The actions of these committees along with zoning changes and recommendations from our planning commission I believe we’ve done a pretty good job.

In no particular order these are the businesses that have started in Riverview in the last four years.  I apologize if I missed any but these I are the ones I am aware of.  

The Groovy Pooch and Theta Living opened stores on Quarry Road. On West Jefferson, W.F. Whelan purchased the Materials Processing Plant while Workout Warehouse opened up farther south.  Opening up on Nixon is 3D-Fit Arena.  Burger Kind, Tubby’s, Starbucks, Grundy Insurance, Sassy Eyes Boutique, Phaze Nutrition, Serendipity Cakery, Cream Barbershop, Deanna Boone State Farm Insurance, Aerius Health, and the Riverview Register have all opened shops up on Fort Street.

In addition to these new businesses a few current Riverview businesses are undergoing some major expansions.

The first is Pirates Cove Self-Storage on Krause.  Pirates Cove purchased the Target Steel property to the south for their much needed space to handle an increase in demand for storage space.  

Also on Krause the Ash Stevens Company purchased the property to the north for their need to add laboratory space.  This is a multi-million dollar expansion that will result in the addition of approximately 50 jobs.  Finally on Hale Street, The Bellaire Senior Living complex was able to increase its capacity by purchasing property to the east.

The Riverview Center strip mall at Fort and Pennsylvania completed a total makeover and is actively seeking new tenants.  Riverview Commons at Fort and Sibley has begun improving the property but that seems to have stalled for some reason.  Our Building Department has been doing inspections and fining the owner for the deficiencies found.

In the last few years we’ve restored the concerts and movies in the park, along with a new splash pad. Through very generous donations we have a beautiful gazebo at Young Patriot’s Park and numerous new trees.

One thing I hear regularly is “Woodhaven has this,” “Wyandotte has that,” “Trenton does this,” “Grosse Ile does that.” The reality is we’re not Woodhaven, Wyandotte, Trenton or Grosse Ile. We are Riverview, a nice quiet place to live and raise your children and grandchildren.

We have our share of small businesses, restaurants, and parks to visit along with our own golf course and boat ramp. If you want to go to a large chain restaurant or box store, they’re close by.  But you’ll always come home to a quiet safe place that doesn’t have the problems associated with these larger places, like crowds, traffic, and crime.

If we work together on improving our city, we can make Riverview that desirable place to live in the middle of all Downriver.

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