Help Kiwanis of Riverview help the city’s needy

Mayor of Riverview, Michigan - Andrew Swift


Now that the children are back to school, it’s time to start looking forward to all the activities and sports that they will be involved in.

Parents will struggle to find the time to attend these sporting events, and speaking of struggles, there are families in our community who find it difficult to make ends meet. Participating in these sports puts added pressure on these families.

This is where groups like the Kiwanis of Riverview and the Riverview Goodfellows come into play. I know it’s way too early to be thinking Goodfellows and Christmas, but it’s never too early to think about clothing, food and books for the needy children in our community.

The Kiwanis of Riverview will be fundraising for the purchase of dictionaries for every third-grader in the district. In 2007, The Kiwanis participated in their first Dictionary Project.  Since then they have donated well over 3,000 dictionaries to the students.

The third-graders just love getting these dictionaries and are even more excited when they are told they get to keep them. I realize there will be those who say the paper-back dictionary is obsolete, but you won’t hear that from the parent of a student who receives one. 

Another project the Kiwanis of Riverview hold every year is “Coats for Kids.”  

This project has changed dramatically over the years. It started years ago when a Kiwanian noticed that a student was walking to school in the winter time with no socks under his shoes. When asked why, he said he didn’t have any.

That prompted a clothing drive to make sure our children had the basics for attending school. The program changed over time to include winter coats and winter wear.

Now, still called “Coats for Kids” it involves taking the children from 10 needy families to J.C. Penney to purchase any clothing item they may need. This takes place in October.

The last Kiwanis project I’d like to talk about is our “Thanksgiving Baskets.”  

What most residents may not know is that there are several Riverview families that struggle regularly to put food on the table. So this is where the Kiwanis can help. Through the help of a few sponsors like the Deanna Boone State Farm agency we are able to provide 10 of these families with a complete Thanksgiving dinner.

A few city-related items heading our way are the enclosure of the dumpsters at Young Patriot’s Park, addition of new trees and changes to the Riverview Tree Lighting Ceremony. 

The new fence enclosure was made possible by Ms. Mihoko Ceaser. With the help of the Beautification Commission, requirements were discussed and evaluated and new fence chosen. The fence will hide the dumpsters from view and will help beautify the park.

Ms. Ceaser also donated seven Chinese Ginkgo Trees for planting between the community center and the library.  

Changes are coming for the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. With the city’s intent of increasing the use of the park, we are adding some activities to the ceremony. I will keep you informed of these changes as they occur.

Finally, there is a mayoral and council election this November. I encourage everyone to find out as much as they can about all the candidates. There are three open positions for council and one for mayor. There are five candidates for the three open council positions and so far just myself for mayor.

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