Highlights of RCSD Summer Enrichment Program 2019

As the 2018-2019 school year came to a close in June, over 360 students became even more excited for their summer because of our Riverview Community School District Summer Enrichment Program. 

This program is offered by the RCSD to give our students an amazing month-long opportunity to enjoy engaging classes in a variety of topics. 

Starting this summer, the program’s administrator was Seitz Middle School American history teacher Derrick DiBrano, along with nine returning Riverview staff and 14 new staff members teaching a variety of 28 classes! 

Here are some highlights of the students’ experiences during this year’s Summer Enrichment Program: 

In the art classes, students were able to demonstrate their creativity through a variety of activities. Ms. Alexander helped students learn about animal habitats by creating art projects that coincided with the topics being learned. 

In Ms. O’Brien’s class, “Instructions Not Included,” students engaged in hands-on activities such as creating their own robots and tie-dying, while in “Kool Krafts for Kids,” Ms. Peterson taught students about different animals and they created crafts to represent them.

Finally, Ms. McQuiston incorporated math and science concepts in different crafts such as alien addition and water bottle aquariums that students made in both “Math for Little Minds” and “Super Scientists.” 

The science classes allowed students to experiment and learn about the world around them. In “Field Biology” with Mr. Filkins, students explored the outside world studying plant and animal life. 

In Ms. Lafehr’s “Under the Sea” class students studied marine biology within the world’s oceans and seas. Students in “Full STEAM Ahead” with Ms. Gajewski engaged in design challenges to create machines, games, and robots and students in “CSI Super Sleuths” with Ms. Hartley were able to become CSI agents and investigate clues and mysteries.  

The ELA classes allowed students to read, write, compare, contrast, and even act out their stories. 

For example, Ms. Rosecrans allowed students to share their favorite books with peers in “Dive into Reading,” while students in “AUTHORITY!” created their own story to be published. 

In “Acting Up” students became actors as they performed a variety of stories with Ms. DeRosia and Ms. Olsen helped students work collaboratively with hands-on STEAM activities tailored to the books that were read in class. 

The program also offered a variety of math classes. 

In “Math Enrichment with” Ms. Avery and “Math Puzzles, Games & Explorations” with Mr. Skidmore, students reinforced skills and connected math concepts through a variety of activities, games, and problems. 

In “Math FUNdamentals” with Ms. Cloud, students enhanced their math skills with various centers and games. 

The other engaging classes offered within our program were “Lego Mindstorm EV3 Robotics” with Mr. Laginess, where students created robots and then had to program the robots to move through different mazes. 

In “Roadtrip USA” with Mr. Zachary, students were able to research and create an exciting trip through the United States, while in “Stock Market Simulation” students learned the basics about the stock market while “investing” their money. 

Mr. Lothian helped students become better public speakers by creating and editing YouTube videos and Ms. Tomasek stretched students’ brains with an assortment of brain teasers and games. 

Students also had an opportunity to learn skills such as sewing and crocheting. Ms. Millner had students create blankets for Project Linus and Ms. Nichols taught students how to crochet their own scarf. 

Students learned how to become mindful, how to effectively cope with anxiety and stress, and how to maintain a healthy mind and body with Ms. Zulewski and students also were able to learn French phrases, history and crafts with Ms. Kissel in “French Connection.”  

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