Keeping up with activities at Forest Elementary School

Henry Ford Hospital Wyandotte staff display Christmas cards made for hospital patients by Forest Elementary fourth-graders

Last year, the Forest Elementary fourth graders took place in an event called Lemonade War. Mrs. Grunwald organizes this fun event. And, the proceeds go to Alex’s Lemonade Foundation to help cure children’s cancer. 

The school has received notification that Forest placed third place in the nation in this event. 

The students have won a special zoom event with author Jacqueline Davies, who wrote the book Lemonade War. 

Nice work, students!

Reminders of safety for drop off and pick up:

Students MUST use the crosswalk which is directly in front of main office doors. There have been situations where students have darted out (not using the crosswalk) and drivers can not see them. This is a huge safety issue!

Please pull all the way up to the main office area when dropping off your children. Stopping at the first sidewalk (so that your child cSan more easily a ccess the doors) is bottlenecking our driveway and others behind can not get in the parking lot.

Do not let your child out on the driver’s side when using the drop off lane. This is not safe, as cars are using that lane also.

If you need to get out of your car to assist your child (or your child is unable to get out quickly), please use our parking lot. This helps the flow of traffic immensely.

Do not leave a car parked/unattended in a fire lane.

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