Kiwanis Club recognizes Gabriel Richard students

Richard top 10 - Gabriel Richard academic stars (from left): Mary Sirois, Aaron Keathley, Weston Pfieffer, Katherine Poslajko, Sydney Balan, Madison Delmarle, Julianne Elipse, Gabriel Pascua, Brooke Wrobel. Not Pictured Audrey Matildo

The Kiwanis of Riverview sponsors a Top 10 Recognition Dinner for the students at Gabriel Richard High School and this year the dinner was held on Thursday, May 30th at Atria Kinghaven located in Riverview.

The dinner was held outside in the beautiful garden area of the facility.

“Atria provides a beautiful place and great food to help us recognize the outstanding performance of these students,” said Ms. Diane Kinlen, President of the Riverview Club.

The students and their parents are invited to attend the dinner along with the sponsors from their school. Ms. Catherine Pierson, Director of Counseling, awarded the students with the “Academic Achievement” certificate. 

When presented with their certificate each student reflected on their favorite high school experience and also disclosed which university they were going to attend. As always the most popular choices were Michigan State University, University of Michigan and University of Detroit.  One noteworthy point is that all will be attending college in the fall.

“Gabriel Richard Catholic High School does a great job preparing their students for not only a higher education, but for entering the workforce directly out of school,” said Kiwanis Director and Riverview Mayor Andrew Swift.

The program included a delicious dinner provided by Atria Kinghaven and a visit by the featured speaker, Rosco the Clown. The Kiwanis enjoyed the puzzled look on the faces of students and parents when they see the featured speaker is a unmade-up clown.

But they quickly learn that the presentation is about transformation and being what and who you truly want to be. The presentation started out a little slow while Rosco established his background and what he thought he wanted to do in life. As the presentation moved forward Rosco would put on more and more of his make-up. As he got closer and closer to completing his make-up he became more and more outgoing and much more entertaining.  The students, parents, school sponsors, and the Kiwanis all were laughing and smiling by the end of the presentation.

After the program the students and parents all stayed around to visit with Rosco The Clown and get their own balloon animal as a souvenir of the event.

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