Kiwanis seeks help with annual Dictionary Project

The number is, 4,170,598. 

This is an estimate of how many third-graders there are in the United States this school year. It is an almost mind-boggling number, so it is important to bear in mind each of the individual students it represents.

As adults we know how important it is to be able to read and write well in order to share knowledge. We want to help young people succeed in school and in life.  

Dictionary Project sponsors believe that giving children dictionaries is like giving them sets of keys — tools that will unlock all the information there is to be gained from reading and will also help them write about what they learn so that they can share information with others.

The Kiwanis of Riverview are the local civic group partnering with the Dictionary Project people. We are looking for sponsors of this year’s project.  

With the help of several local businesses we have distributed 3,070 dictionaries to third graders of Riverview Schools since 2007.  

As a sponsor, your donation of at least $50 will get your name or company’s name listed on the front of each dictionary distributed. With a donation of at least $75, you will receive a five-inch square decal to be displayed in a conspicuous place at your business showing your support, along with having your name listed on the front of the dictionary.  

We are looking to raise $1,050 to cover the cost of the dictionaries.

The dictionaries will be distributed to all third graders in the district before Halloween. 

We must receive your donation by Friday, Sept. 28, to be included on the list of sponsors.

Please send your check to: Kiwanis of Riverview, P.O. Box 2057, Riverview, Mi. 48193

Thank you for your support.

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