Looking forward to the end of a long, difficult year

Mayor of Riverview, Michigan - Andrew Swift

Andrew Swift

My fellow Riverview residents, it would be an understatement to say that this year has been a challenge or something out of the Twilight Zone. As Americans and Riverview Pirates, we look to the future for many bright and better things in the coming New Year.

Riverview, like all other municipalities, has struggled with delivering services during this pandemic. We are certainly far from perfect, but we are progressing every day. We continue to interview for the new paramedic fire-fighter positions in the fire department. And by the time this article comes out we will be interviewing for a new chief of police.  

Riverview hired the Michigan Municipal League to perform the nationwide search.  Council chose this route along with looking internally to find the best qualified candidate that will likely set the mindset of our police department for years to come.

Although our popular Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony had to be cancelled, we are moving forward with the Christmas Home Decorating Contest.  Members of the Riverview Beautification Commission toured the city streets Dec. 7-10.  There was no need to enter to be in the competition. There will be six winners chosen by The Commission and one by me to receive “The Mayor’s Award”.  The winners will be recognized via Zoom during the Monday, Dec. 21, council meeting.

Hopefully by now you’ve driven by Young Patriot’s Park after sunset. The beauty of this park always impresses me. The lighting of the trees, light poles, figurines, Ceaser’s Pavilion, and the Christmas tree itself are a result of the outstanding work of our DPW. Great job again!  

I would encourage you to spend some family time walking or biking around the Reflection Pond at night and take in the beauty. It’s a lot less time consuming than waiting in line for hours to see the Hines Drive display.

Council invites you to check out the Riverview Land Preserve Facebook page and the web page Riverviewlandpreserve.com. We are regularly posting updates on what benefits our region receives by having a locally operated landfill. We’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars making improvements in odor control and operating processes and procedures. There is a really nice video on the web page showing these improvements and processes. Please check it out.

One thing that I like to talk about around this time of year is the generosity of our residents and businesses.  

Being a member of two civic groups I am exposed regularly to the caring and kindness of these special people.   

In the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we still have those that will go out and do what is required to raise funds, deliver food and clothing to those amongst us that are in need. The Kiwanis and Goodfellows are the ones I’m mostly aware of, but, there are countless individuals, churches, parent clubs, and businesses that have been very active this holiday season. On behalf of the City of Riverview, I humbly say “Thank You” for making our community a great place to live.

I’d like to wrap up my final column of the year with this. Like you, I look forward to the end of this year. There have been many challenges these past 12 months. Some we’ve met, and some we fell short. Next year will bring its own challenges and we will meet them head-on. 

With any luck, all the activities and events that were cancelled this year will be restored in 2021. Riverview has received confirmation that the “Wall That Heals” will be here in August,  Summerfest will be bigger and better than ever and our Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony will be back with fireworks this time.

From the Swift family, City Council and all city employees, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!

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