Making Riverview safer

Full-time firefighter/paramedics will help correct staffing shortages

In most emergency situations, firefighters and paramedics are the first people to the scene. These hardworking individuals serve and save their residents every day, but it’s all thanks to the support of Riverview citizens. 

With the help of Riverview residents, on Tuesday, Nov. 3, the city of Riverview hopes to hire eight full-time firefighter-paramedics through a millage.

There is a shortage of qualified firefighters and paramedics nationwide; this millage can provide more funding for public safety for Riverview residents. 

The city’s need for first responders has resulted in a 67 percent increase in “run volume” within the past seven years.

Since the establishment of the Riverview Fire Department in 1923, it has operated with only part-time firefighters and most of them have second jobs. 

As the need for emergency services in the city grows, so does the need for additional staffing. Existing firefighters will be eligible for full-time positions and qualified Riverview residents will have the opportunity to apply and work for the fire department in their hometown.

Creating a combination fire department utilizing full-time and part-time firefighters/paramedics will provide improved resources for all residents of and visitors to Riverview and it will help protect the business community as well.

The millage will not require any additional taxes from residents, it will replace the current sewer debt millage that has expired. If approved, the millage will take effect on July 1, 2021 with a lifespan of 10 years.

All lots and land parcels are included in the millage district and all real property (residential, commercial, industrial) will be assessed at the same rate. Amounts will vary depending on each property’s taxable value. 

For more information on the Public Safety millage visit the City of Riverview website. 

“Riverview has been affected by the nationwide shortage of qualified firefighter-paramedics and has experienced staffing shortages,” said Fire Chief Ron Lammers. “The millage will create staffing stabilization for providing fire and Advance Life Support services.”

Absentee/mail-in ballots can be obtained at the city clerk’s office at 14100 Civic Park until 4 p.m. on Monday, the day before the election. 

Contact: Cindy Hutchison, City Clerk, Riverview, Michigan 48193 (734) 281-4241 For more information, visit the Michigan Secretary of State’s website at Click on Elections.

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