Measure for full time fire department on November ballot

Mayor of Riverview, Michigan - Andrew Swift

Andrew Swift

My fellow Riverview residents keep up the good fight against Covid-19 by wearing your mask when out in public.  Our new COVID-19 case count continues to be very low.

We have several items to discuss in this article.  

The first and likely the most important is the Public Safety Millage Proposal on this November’s ballot. As you are likely aware by now our Fire Department is and has been staffed with part-time firefighter paramedics.  

This model has worked well in the past but that’s not the case today. There are times when we are short personnel and we have to contract with a local ambulance company to provide paramedics. The paramedic designation is required to provide highest quality service of advanced life support.

The city is looking to hire eight full-time and a full complement of part-time firefighter paramedics. In order to this we are asking our residents to replace an expiring debt millage with a Public Safety Millage. This way we solve our staffing issue with no increase in taxes.  If you are aware of any friends, family, or acquaintances that are firefighter paramedics tell them we are hiring.

The second item is something I’m pretty sure you’re not aware of.  

Riverview Highlands held its First Annual Golf Invitational in early September. This is significant because the proceeds from the Invitational are being used to finance the enormous amount of improvements made to the golf course and the facilities.

In the past several months there have been improvements to the cart paths, parking lot, club house, and the course itself. With these improvements revenue is up by six figures, leagues are returning, and we have a new destination Downriver for quality golf.

The next couple of items are fun ones.  

Movies-in-the-Park will return on Saturday, Oct. 24 at 7:30 p.m. in Young Patriot’s Park.  The Halloween themed movie “Hocus Pocus” will be enjoyed by all ages young and old.  

And speaking of Halloween, here is the official comment in part from the city about Trick-or-Treating: 

“Halloween is not a city sanctioned event, but rather an American social event or custom. Other than announcing the suggested hours to celebrate (usually 5:30-8pm), the city has no further involvement. The city has no legal authority or basis to cancel Halloween or restrict the constitutionally guaranteed free movement of its residents.”  

For the full statement see the Official City of Riverview Facebook page.

On the community front, Riverview continues to benefit from Eagle Scout projects performed by Scouts from Troop 1659.  

Recently Landon Eichler built Free Little Libraries for three city parks. Landon worked with the Recreation Department to coordinate the installation and determine where the libraries should be located.  

Eagle Scout candidate John Strassner passed out free smoke detectors at a drive through event held at the Riverview Community Center.  Along with the smoke detectors, John provided information on Home Fire Safety. Please join me in congratulating these two young men.

To finish up on behalf of the Kiwanis of Riverview, we’d like to give a great big “thank you” to all those who donated to the Back-to-School Kits and the Dictionary Programs.  These two programs benefit the children of the community.  

As a community we still have those who are struggling through this pandemic.  So the next two Kiwanis of Riverview programs, “Coats for Kids” and “Thanksgiving Food Baskets” are coming up quickly. The Riverview Community School District graciously provides the Kiwanis with candidates for these programs.  

Also the Riverview Goodfellows will be holding their organizational meeting soon.  It’s not too early to start thinking about joining either of these civic groups to help out this holiday season.

Until next month, be safe and be well.

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