Pair of Riverview teachers attend FUSE training

FUSE facilitator training was held last month at Northwestern University and two Riverview teachers attended.

Audrey Hunter and Amy Farkas spent two days on campus and learned all the ins and outs of FUSE facilitation, which included: Testing out challenges, learning how to grade FUSE, what success in FUSE means and how to use the 3D printers.

They both did an incredible job jumping into this new opportunity and FUSE is going to make a big impact on the students at Seitz Middle School. We are looking forward to kicking FUSE off this school year.

What is FUSE?

Informal STEAM education program designed to engage all learners in authentic exploration of science, technology, engineering, arts/design, and mathematics through carefully sequenced challenges

n Student-centered, interest-driven

n Supports the development of 21st century skills such as adaptive problem solving, creativity, and collaboration

n Currently reaching more than 4,000 students in 55+ schools around the country

n Developed by a team of educators at Northwestern University and part of an active research and design project on how students learn

n Flexible implementation models range from a single term to a full year

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