Personalized learning program comes to Riverview

Riverview Community School district implemented the eSpark learning program last school year in grades K-2 district wide and in 3rd grade at Forest Elementary School. eSpark is a personalized learning solution that uses individual student data to deliver the best Math and ELA content to students. Teachers can see progress by viewing a dashboard of information, by weekly emails, and by year end data analysis. 

Last school year, Riverview students logged into eSpark approximately 3.9 times weekly. Each student mastered approximately 21 standards by mid-June. 86% of the students rated the activities positively. 

When comparing Math and ELA percentiles for the NWEA, Riverview eSpark students grew four percentiles more than their peers nationwide. For each additional Mathematics mission completed, Riverview students on average increased their NWEA MAP percentile by 3.4 points. For each additional Reading mission completed, the percentile increased by 3.1 points. These are statistically significant results. 

Moving into the 18-19 school year, eSpark will be used for all students at Riverview Schools in grades K-3 

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