Post-COVID summer off to hot start in Riverview

Mayor of Riverview, Michigan - Andrew Swift

My fellow Riverview residents, with the COVID-19 behind us for the most part, our city is opening back up. 

Our first big event of the summer is now behind us. Summerfest was an outstanding success. Three days of fun in the sun (and a little rain) were enjoyed by what were likely the largest crowds we have had in years.

The new Riverview Highland Golf Invitational was also a complete success. This corporate style golf outing is the source of income that is used to finance all the major improvements done to the golf course. 

This is one of a few ways our city provides services without a direct cost to the taxpayer. The other is The Riverview Land Preserve, but more about this later.

Another fun and unique event coming at the end of the month is the “Clubs and Chrome” golf outing sponsored by The Riverview Highlands, the “Cruisin Classics Agency”, and Grundy Insurance. 

This is a combination car show and golf outing.

There will be classic vehicles placed throughout the course for the golfers’ enjoyment, along with a car show in the parking lot.  Please see the story in this paper for more information.

We have a full summer of fun and activities to help get over your pandemic blues.

On July 7th, our Concert in the Park returned, but with Food Trucks this time.  

The concerts start at 6:30 p.m. every Wednesday, but show up early to get something to eat first. The concert series run every Wednesday through Aug. 25th and take place at the Ceaser’s Pavilion in Young Patriot’s Park.

Something new this year is our “Family Game Night.” The first one is scheduled for Wednesday, July 21st, at Young Patriots Park.  Please see the City of Riverview Recreation Department Facebook page for more information.

As I’ve mentioned in my past articles, the City of Riverview has applied for an expansion of the Riverview Land Preserve. The decision to grant the expansion or not will be made by the Facility Inclusion Committee of Wayne County. 

 The entire city council is in full support of the expansion. This regional resource is essential to the economic viability of the Downriver area.  

We acknowledge that there is opposition to the expansion, but the financial impact if the landfill closes would be measurable. Currently there is approximately 10 years of space available.

It’s almost time for the traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial to make its way to Riverview. It will be arriving in town on Tuesday, Aug. 10th. It will be police escorted into town.  The route into town hasn’t been approved by The Wall That Heals Committee yet but the final destination will be Young Patriots Park. Please see the story in this edition and check the City of Riverview Recreation Facebook page for more info.

There is still time to donate to the Kiwanis of Riverview fundraiser for the purchase of the LifeVac system for our school system, police department, and fire department. This system is used in place of performing the Heimlich maneuver. They are almost at their goal of $1,500.  If you’d like to donate, see last month’s Riverview Register for more information.  Or if you would like to donate using PayPal, email me and I’ll provide the information you need.

And finally there will be a council election primary held on Tuesday, Aug. 3rd.  With 10 candidates running, only the top six will continue onto the general election.  I encourage everyone to learn what you can about these candidates in order to make an informed decision.

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