RCHS completes 2019 Government Day

Students take part in mock city council meeting

Twenty-eight RCHS Government students spent two days in municipal leadership positions, culminating with a very successful mock city council meeting.

On May 9th, students met with Riverview city leaders. They discovered first-hand what civic jobs entail and created realistic proposals for their mock city council meeting.

On May 16th, Todd Dickman, Riverview’s recreation department head, taught students the procedures and protocols of council meetings. Department heads presented their proposals and answered questions from the council. Council members deliberated and voted whether to approve the expenditures. (And this was a tough council!)

Students were taped live and presented themselves professionally and maturely. They walked away with first-hand knowledge of how a city operates, including the frustrations and rewards, and with a healthy appreciation of what their city leaders do on residents’ behalf. There is no better way for high school students to learn about civic duty!

The mock-council meeting will be played on the city cable channel, and can be accessed on the city’s website under city council meetings. We hope you can watch it, and be as proud as we are

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