Reminders from Riverview Code Enforcement

As we head into the warmer spring and summer months, the city of Rivervfiew would like to remind all residents of some of the city’s ordinances.


Make address visible from the street and attached to the building. The numbers shall contrast from their background and must be no less than 4 inches in height.


Residents are responsible for the alley behind their home. Keep trash cans stored outside of the alleyway, except after 5:00 p.m. the day before trash day and 12 hours after trash collection on trash day.  Usually this will be within the fenced in area of a resident’s property. 

Maintain grass and weeds so that they are cut below 8 inches. 

Remove any debris or trash left from trash collection or that has blown into the alleyway adjacent to your property. 

Do not park or store vehicles in the alleyway. 

Do not post signs within the alleyway. 

Do not build within the alleyway, including fences or sheds. 


There are many types of issues that can be considered blight on your property, whether residential or commercial. Blight includes: unlicensed / inoperable motor vehicles, construction materials being stored when no construction is being performed, piles of trash, debris, etc. Residents should maintain their property and keep it free from any types of blight.


A permit (sticker) is required to use any portion of the City of Riverview’s boat ramp.  A permit can be obtained at the City Clerk’s office. Boat ramp permits cannot be used for boar chartering services.  Vehicles and boats without a permit will be ticketed.


Storage of firewood must be on a rack at least eight (8) inches off of the ground. Storage height may not exceed four (4) feet, including ground clearance and must be in the rear yard area at least (3) feet from the property line. All firewood must be cut into usable lengths not to exceed 24 inches.  


A permit is required to install or replace a garage and/or shed and can be obtained through the Building Department. Concrete foundations or rat wall is required by code for both garages and sheds. Sheds cannot be placed on the ground and must be located in the rear yard.  Detached accessory structures (including garages) shall not be located closer than 3’-0” to any lot line nor located in any easement or required front yards. Height Detached accessory structures shall be limited in height to 14’-0”.


Grass clippings in the street are considered litter and clogs up the sewers.  Properly dispose of the grass clippings in refuse (paper) bags or marked containers.


Grass and weeds over eight (8) inches for developed properties and over 10 inches for vacant properties is in violation of the City Ordinance.  Developed properties including homes and businesses will be posted once a year with a violation notice for grass exceeding eight (8) inches.  If the grass is not cut within three (3) days of the date the violation notice the city will cut the grass at the expense of the property owner.


Motor vehicles cannot be parked on the grass. Motor vehicles may be parked in the street (where allowed), parking lot, driveway, or in the garage. Do not park motor vehicles so that they block the city sidewalk.


Recreational vehicles including boats and trailers must be stored in the rear or side of the house at least (2) feet back from the front house line. Equipment and vehicles may be parked on the premises including driveways, except on the front lawn for a period of not more than 72 hours.

All recreational equipment and vehicles must be kept in good repair and carry a current year’s license or registration.

No person shall park any recreational equipment or vehicle on streets, alleys, highways or other public places longer than 72 hours unless such equipment or vehicle is continuously absent for 24 hours from that location and surrounding area.


An inspection is required for any residential rentals that are multi-unit, existing, etc. Inspections are conducted every (3) years. A certificate of compliance is required. Contact the Building Department for applications, inspections, and fees. Residential Home Sales an inspection is required for any residential property that is placed up for sale or transferred. Properties sold without a certificate of occupancy is required to sign a preoccupancy agreement agreeing to correct all violations shown on the inspection report. Contact the Building Department for applications, inspections and fees.


Property owners are responsible to keep the City sidewalk abutting or adjacent to their property in good repair. Citizens concerned about sidewalks in disrepair must make a formal complaint with the City.  


A permit is required to install a swimming pool and can be obtained through the Building Department. The Code requires swimming pools to comply with several laws for the safety of everyone. Swimming pools must be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition, and in good repair.


Special trash pickup is for debris that cannot be picked with your regular weekly rubbish (tree, branches, building materials, concrete, stone, etc.) Trash for special pickup cannot be put at the curb until after 5 p.m. the night before pickup.  To schedule a special pickup call the Department of Public Works at 734-281-4270.


Shall be placed in a 32-gallon (or less) receptacle with a “YARD WASTE” sticker displayed on the front of the container or refuse (paper) bags specifically designed for holding yard waste.

Residents with questions can get them answered here:

Code Enforcement: 734-281-4249   

Building Department: 734-281-4242

City Hall : 734-281-4200

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