Residents can check their water service lines for lead

Service lines can be made of galvanized steel, lead, copper or plastic. Local construction practices and ordinances impacted the type of pipe material used in communities at specific times. 

Local ordinances in the Detroit area began prohibiting the use of lead pipe in plumbing codes as early as 1947. Some communities used a small connector pipe made of lead, commonly called a gooseneck, to connect a galvanized steel service line to the water main. 

The presence of a lead gooseneck cannot be determined by examining plumbing in your home, If you are unsure about the type of service line at your home, contact the city of Riverview.

Two simple tests can be performed using a screwdriver and a magnet to help determine the service Iine material entering your home. 

Locate where the service line comes through the floor or wall into your home. This should be near your main water shutoff valve and water meter.

If you have a metal pipe below the first shutoff valve, use the flat edge of a screwdriver to carefully scratch through any corrosion that may have built up on the outside of the pipe.

Place a magnet on the scratched area. If the magnet sticks to the pipe, it is galvanized steel. If the magnet does not stick and the scraped and area is:

• shiny, silver in color and Iooks like a nickel, the pipe is made of lead.

• copper in color and looks like a penny, the pipe is made of copper.

• If the pipe feels like plastic, is white or gray in color and joined with a clamp, glued or screwed together it is plastic and no further tests are required.

Lead water pipes? City wants to help

Do you have a lead water service coming into your home?

If so the City of Riverview Water Department would like to test your water.

During the months of July, August and September the City of Riverview will be testing 30 plus homes with known lead service lines. If you have a lead line coming to your meter please contact the city for a test kit. 

If you would like help to determine if you have a lead service line, please contact the city and workers will be happy to help.

There is no need for the city to enter your home for the test. If you have a lead line and contact them and they will drop off a kit on your front porch. Inside the kit are all the directions and bottles for the water samples. 

Once you have taken the water samples you simply return the kit to your porch and call us for pick up. Test results will be provided to each participant.

Please contact Director of Public Works Jeff Webb (734-281-4269) with any questions or if you need help in determining if you have lead lines

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