Restaurant entrepreneur says employees are heart of the businesses

Jeremy Syrocki, who is involved in ownership of Truago restaurant in Trenton, Major Biddle in Wyandotte and Lloyd’s on Grosse Ile, has been in the restaurant business virtually his entire life.

Syrocki opened Truago about five years ago, he helped open Major Biddle about two years ago, along with his brother Jeff and sister-in-law Christine. And two months ago, he reopened Lloyd’s with Grosse Ile friends Chris Laura and Francis Brooks.

From his vast experience, Syricki knows that one of the key things that make a prosperous business is the quality of the employees. And at his three establishments Syrocki has been blessed with great employees, some who have been with him for years.

For example, Truagio head prep chef Veronica Manzano predates even Truago and has worked for Syrocki for 10 years.

“Our team of employees is what makes our restaurants succeed and a majority of them have been with the company since day one,” Syrocki said. 

“Our No. 1 goal in the kitchen has and always will be the quality and consistency of our food. The No. 1 goal for the service staff is to make sure every guest that walks through our door has an outstanding experience with us.” 

Truago general manager Carrie Hancock has been with the Trenton restaurant since 2016. Others that have been there from the start or near the start are, office manager Theresa Crispell, server/bartender Stacie Catka, server Holly Bogard, server Sarah Kowalski, server John Bujdoso, bartender Dawn Bomay and bartender Kristen Johnson.

But the loyal staff at Lloyd’s really takes the cake. 

When the new owners reopened the bar, they brought back all the former employees who wanted to return.

The longevity champ is sever Mary Kay Marx, who has worked at Lloyd’s for 31 years. And she is not the only one with a long record at the Grosse Ile tavern. Server Emily Lehman has been there 15 years, server Courtney Lehman has been there for 14 years, Cook Matt Robertson has been there eight years and server Robin Hensley has been there six years.

It’s an impressive list of loyalty.

Each of the three restaurants is different and offers a unique menu and atmosphere.

Truago is an upscale steak and seafood restaurant in Downtown Trenton.

Major Biddle, on the north end of Biddle in Wyandotte, specializes in ribs, barbecue and comfort food such as meatloaf and lasagna and also offers sandwiches, steaks and seafood.

The new owners redid the interior, but Lloyd’s remains a comfortable neighborhood bar where you can get house-made pizza, burgers, hoagies and a wide assortment of appetizers, entrees, soups and salads. Already, the bar is selling 50-100 pizzas a day, counting carry-out and dine-in sales, Syrocki said.

Combined the three establishments employ around 100 people.

Here is each establishment’s leadership team: 

Truago – Carrie Hancock, general manager and Mario Robertson, executive chef.

Major Biddle – Christine Syrocki, general manager and Samantha Esparza, executive chef.

Lloyd’s – Johnny Zukowski, executive chef.

“The secret to retaining a great staff is hiring great leaders who will jump in and do whatever it takes to keep anyone from failing,” said Jeremy Syrocki. 

“You build mutual respect as a leader when you work alongside your team. Covid had a way of showing us who was loyal to the company and wanted to remain a part of our restaurant family. 

“The most important quality  that a member of our team must possess is accountability and integrity.”

The staff at Truago, Major Biddle and Lloyd’s are experienced, talented and ready to make your return to dining out a pleasant, enjoyable and delicious one.

They’d like to invite you to come out and give them a try.

Truago Staff
Five years or more

Carrie Hancock, general manager; Veronica Manzano, head prep chef; Theresa Crispell, office manager; Stacie Catka, server; Holly Bogard, server; Sarah Kowalski, server; John Bujdoso, server; Dawn Bomay, bartender; Kristen Johnson, bartender.

Four years

Theresa Reidy, server; Nicole Reidy, server; Amanda McFadden, server.

Three years

Bridget Senterfit, bar manager; Ashley Tysick, lead server; Sue Schrettner, lead server; Shannon Zokoe, server; Tori Smith, bartender/server; Mollie Wilkie, bartender/server. 

Two years

Gudelia Parada, prep cook; Katie Kelsey, server; Hanna Cunningham, bartender/server; Brianna Skuratovich, server; Therese Hebda, server; Cassidy Bullard, bartender/server; Abby Karp, host/food runner; Michael Churan, busser; Nathan Doherty, kitchen.

One year

Jake Williams, dishwasher


Benjamin Stanley, line cook; Zach Hutchins, line cook; Ashley Deaton line cook; Chase Hill, line cook; Jake Williams, dishwasher; Rina Santarossa, server; Christina Olsowy, server; Gracey Gadille, server; Shanna Koenecke, server/prep cook; Emily Trela, hostess; Chloe Henson, hostess; Alisia Ramsey, hostess; Abigail Crispell, hostess; Jacob Churan, busser; Haydn Debacker, food runner/busser; Brandy Davis, server; Whitney Davis, server; Mason Hill, prep cook; Martin Iverson, server.

Major Biddle’s Staff

Samantha Esparza, executive chef; Benjamin Holsinger, chef; Matt Miley, chef; Jason Jaynes, dishwasher/prep; Shane Gardner, dishwasher/prep; Jacob Macko, cook; Luis Chavez, cook; Chris Primeau, cook; Brandon Griffin, cook; Paige Johnson, lead server; Cierra Winn, server/bartender; Josh Primeau, server/food runner; Elizabeth Nieman, server; Reilly Gomez, busser/food runner; Tighen Josepeit, busser.


Denise Schmidt, bartender; Tony Garvelli, server; Olivia Smith, server/host; Gabby Gebnar, host; Leah Mills, bartender; Chelsey Pierce, bartender; Brooklyn Tanner, server.

Lloyd’s Staff
Employee’s that stayed on after new ownership:

Antoinette Farrell, server/bartender; Nicole McCarthy, bartender/server; Mary Marx, server; Robin Hensley, server; Emily Lehmann, server; Courtney Lehmann, server; Nancy Benson, server; Tina Vince, server; Matt Robertson, cook.


John Zukowski, head chef, Michelle Delaney, server; Kate Begor, bartender/server; Nathan Pappas, cook; Brianna Syrocki, host; Delaney Arndt, host; Christian Syrocki, dishwasher; Braydon Syrocki, dishwasher; Griffin Wilcox, busser; Adam Brooks, busser; Fallon Pilkington, host; Daniel Walters, cook; Zachary Hutchins (works for both Truago and Lloyd’s).

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