Riverview elects two new council members, retains one

Voters went to the polls On Tuesday, Nov. 2 and put in place a new Riverview City Council that will help guide the city through the next two years.

Elected to the three open positions were incumbent Dean Workman and newcomers David Robbins and Rita Gunaga.

Voter turnout was light and the results were extremely close.

Workman topped all vote-getters with 1,253 votes. Gunaga was second with 1,135 and Robbins was third with 1,121. That left incumbent James Trombley outside looking in. Trombley’s vote count of 1,115 was just six votes shy of third-place finisher Robbins. And it means that for the first time in decades there will not be a Trombley on the Riverview City Council. Before James, his father, Elmer, was a longtime council member.

Following Trombley in the voting were Theo Makarounas (797) and Amy Bieganski (642).

When the election process began back in the summer, 10 residents ran in the primary. After that election, the field was reduced to six. Incumbent Billy Towle failed to reach the general election.

This is a critical time for the city because the Riverview Sanitary Land Preserve is nearing its expected capacity and city leaders are weighing an expansion project. It is a project that has divided some in the city and the Downriver community. 

The land preserve contributes $3 million annually to the Riverview city budget. Several months ago Wyane County denied the city’s proposal for an expansion and requested several changes be made to the request.

A revamped city council could have an impact on Riverview’s stance on the matter.

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