Riverview fills out roster of full time firefighters

Last year the voters of Riverview gave the city the okay to transform the Riverview Fire Department from a part time department into a more full time one and it hasn’t taken the city long to act.

Fire Chief Ron Lammers recently announced that the city has filled six of the eight full time firefighter-paramedic positions it was allotted. Those eight full timers will be supplemented by some part timers, creating a hybrid combination department similar to cities like Woodhaven and Flat Rock.

Lammers said he was pleased with the quality of the new hires and thankful to the citizens of Riverview, who overwhelmingly voted for the millage that allowed the department to make these moves.

Lammers added that he expects to fill the final two full time positions soon.

“I just interviewed five people in one day,” he said. “They were all firefighter-paramedics with lots of experience and training. I am very excited.

“As we fill the last two positions and begin to add part timers, things will only get better for the city of Riverview.

“Looking at the big picture, these moves will make the department even better and more stable.”

The new full time employees of the Riverview Fire Department are David Murray, Damon Sutton, Chris Davenport, Amy Dunn, Brendan Razmek and Brian Davenport. All of them were previously part time fire employees.

Here are their backgrounds:

David Murray

Murray, a US Navy veteran, has worked for Riverview for 14 years, reaching the rank of Sergeant. He is a member of Downriver Dive Team and a former member of the Downriver Haz-Mat Team.

In addition, Murray holds a bachelor of science degree in nursing, has worked for various private ambulance companies, as a paramedic in the emergency rooms at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital and C.S. Mott Hospital in Ann Arbor has and taught health science and EMT in the Taylor Public School District.

Damon Sutton

Sutton is a second generation firefighter with 13 years of experience.

He is a Firefighter instructor II and EMS instructor and has 26 years of emergency medical service experience, 23 as a paramedic.

Sutton has special response training in trench rescue and confined space rescue and is a tactical paramedic.

Chris Davenport

Davenport has a long firefighting history and a deep reservoir of training and education.

He has been with the Riverview Department for seven years and also spent four years with the Woodhaven Fire Department and 10 with the Grosse Ile Fire Department.

He holds an associate degree from Wayne County Community College, a bachelor of science degree from Eastern Michigan and will soon complete a master’s of administration degree from Central Michigan.

“I look forward to being part of the first permanent team on the Riverview Fire Department,” he said.

Amy Dunn

Dunn began with the Riverview Department in 2005 and she is currently the Fire Prevention and Community Relations Coordinator for the department. She also heads department programs such as free smoke detectors for residents and Knox boxes for local businesses.

Dunn is a certified firefighter and paramedic, and EMS instructor, fire inspector and a construction plans examiner.

Brian Razmek

Razmek has worked in EMS service in Riverview and Romulus for nine years. He has firefighter I, firefighter II and EMT training and is an emergency room technician at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital.’

“I look forward to continuing to serve the citizens of Riverview both at the fire department and at the hospital,” he said.

Brian Davenport

A US Navy veteran, Davenport has been involved with firefight since he started with the Gibraltar Fire Department at the age of 16. He has been with the Riverview Fire Department since 2008 and is a sergeant.

Davenport is a registered nurse and currently an emergency room paramedic.

He has completed firefighter I, firefighter II and paramedic training. He is a Haz-Mat transportation specialist and certified in confined space rescue and adult and pediatric trauma.

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