Riverview GSRP to be highlighted at RESA

Riverview Community School District’s GSRP is going to have student photos blown up and hung in the hallways at Wayne RESA! 

RESA was looking for photos to post after some updates are complete and we sent these as examples for Literacy Essentials. Lena Montgomery, from RESA, responded with a note saying that the group photos are being used.

The pictures depict a transition Tiffanie Plackowski’s class, to what she calls, “B Reading.” Students pick books from the bucket to read and – to prevent wandering – they pick their “Back, Belly or Bottom” to read on. 

They can choose to read solo or with friends. 

RESA’s Montgomery has hasked Plackowski to present on “B Reading” at the next advisory meeting.

Lead4Change honors student teams leading change in local communities

Congratulations are in order to the students in Mrs. Norwood’s Essential Health class from trimester one!

Two groups submitted their group projects to the national organization, Lead4Change and they were awarded second place and have earned $500 for the charity of their choice. 

The projects focused on litter clean up and school safety.

The Lead4Change Student Leadership Program teaches students leadership lessons which include skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication and collaboration.

Students work to develop a service project that addresses a need in their community using these skills.

The Lead4Change Student Leadership Program is awarding $500 charitable grants based on the outstanding works of the following teams:

• Logan-Hocking High School, “Team Awareness” FCCLA team, Logan, OH

• RCHS, “Avengers” FCCLA team, Riverview, MI

• RCHS, “The Unknowns” FCCLA team, Riverview, MI

• Seaside High School, “Seaside FBLA – Global” team, Seaside, Oregon

Plus 20 more from around the country!!

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