Riverview’s Jason Gribble receives FUSE Grant

FUSE is a not-for-profit program within the context of a University-based research project. Licensing fees help support program development and operations. Other funding for FUSE comes from federal and private foundation grants.

Riverview educator Jason Gribble recently was awarded a FUSE grant. The following is the notification letter.

Hello Jason Gribble, Congratulations!

The FUSE program has approved your application for Seitz Middle School for a 2019 FUSE Grant. Our team was impressed with the quality of your application, your thoughtful approach to implementing FUSE, and your dedication to providing innovative and impactful experiences for your young people!

This grant will include the following:

  • Site license for the FUSE Innovate package which supports up to 35 students at a time and can be offered multiple periods per day (a $20,000 value)
  • Challenge materials, including 2 Prusa i3 MK3 3D printers
  • Website access for youth and facilitators
  • Facilitator training. Training will consist of a two-day workshop held in Chicago.
  • Flights and accommodations for two staff to attend a training on July 22-23, 2019.
  • Year-round implementation support from the FUSE team
  • Renewal fee for Year 2 ($6,000 value). License expires June 30,2021.
  • $800 towards materials and new challenges to re-supply your studio over the two years.

As a recipient of this grant we expect that you will:

  • Implement the program with integrity.
  • Provide robust feedback to the FUSE team so that we can learn with you and improve the program.
  • Provide support for your staff to attend FUSE trainings.

If your organization agrees to these terms, please have an authorized representative sign and return one copy of this letter. We are excited to be able to support you and your students and look forward to a great partnership!

Henry Mann Program Director.

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