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Kids having Summer fun with the Riverview Recreation Department programs


Everyday Science With Professor Ray
Come explore the eye popping world of science.  This hands on class will show children the wonders of science and how it applies to everyday life.  Professor Ray is a retired science teacher who performs shows at the Ann Arbor Hands on Museum.  Instructor:  Professor Ray

City Hall Activity Area • Ages:  5-11
Mondays June 24 –July29 (No class July 1) 10:00-11:00 a.m.
#3300 Cost:  $40.00 Limit:  25

Summer Preschool Play with Ms. Lisa
Indoor/outdoor play for your preschooler including summer projects, stories, crafts, science exploration, sensory play, cooking activities and sports.  This class is definitely “hands-on” and we’ll get very messy!  Wear washable play clothes!  Ages:  3-4 years (Must be potty trained and be 3 before June 1, 2019)  Instructor:  Lisa Kardos

Scout Cabin in Memorial Park
Tuesdays June 25 – July 30 9:00-12:00 p.m.
#3100 Cost:  $50.00 Limit:  21

Summer Fun with Friends
Children will enjoy fun and engaging summer activities that include creative arts, group games, team building skills, cooking, outdoor and water play, discovery and adventure with friends!  We will also have special guest presenters from the community.  Instructor:  Lisa Kardos

Scout Cabin in Memorial Park • Ages:  5-10
Tuesdays June 25 – July 30 12:30-3:30 p.m.
#3101 Cost:  $50.00 Limit:  21

Jr. Chefs
Do you enjoy making and eating new dishes?  Come put your preparation skills and taste buds to the test as we explore new and delicious recipes!  Kids will be given a supply list for each class that will include items like:  measuring cup, spatula, mixing bowls, baking dish, cutting board, knife, etc.  Instructor:  Dora Prusaczyk

Community Center Building • Ages:  10-12
Thursdays June 27 – August 1 (No class July 4) 11:30-1:00 p.m.
#3600 Cost:  $75.00 Limit:  10

PKSA Karate
PKSA Karate instruction.  All students will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the session.  Optional uniforms are available for purchase the first night of class.  A responsible adult must remain on site during the class.  Instructor:  Timothy Gasiewski

City Hall Gym • Ages:  6-12
Tuesdays June 18 – July 30 (No class July 2) 6:00-6:45 p.m.
#3200 Cost:  $40.00


Summer Shape Up & Toning
Shaping up this summer can be so much fun!  Following an action packed low impact cardio session, the use of light weights will reshape your body from head to toe.  Abdominal core strength and flexibility round out this awesome workout.  All equipment is provided.  Instructor:  Sue (Flanary) Michetti

June 3 thru June 24 • 4 weeks
Mondays 6:15-7:15 p.m City Hall Gym
#5004 1 class per week/per 4 week session $16.00
#4505 Walk-ins per class $5.00

Rhythm Walking Fitness
This cardiovascular class uses walking patterns to get the job done.  No jumping allowed here, just getting down to some great tunes with a reasonable approach.  Plan on taking 3500-4500 steps.  Class includes lightweight training (no floor work) and balance work.  Finish with a relaxing stretch and you’re good to go!  Instructor:  Sue (Flanary) Michetti

June 3 thru June 24 • 4 weeks
Mondays 9:00-10:00 a.m. City Hall Gym
#5005 1 class per week/per 4 week session $16.00
#4505 Walk-ins per class $5.00

Restorative/Yin Yoga
Come one come all!  Back to the basics.  Come take relaxing poses with us as we take time to find inner peace and mindfulness.  All ages welcome!  Bring a mat and water bottle.  Blocks and bolsters will be provided.  Instructor:  Kayla Rohde

June 19 thru August 7 • 8 weeks
Wednesdays 6:00-7:00 p.m. Community Center
#5901 8 weeks $64.00
#4505 Walk-in per class $10.00

Aqua Aerobics
This higher intensity class is designed to improve cardio conditioning, alternating with strength/balance and core training segments.  Water can provide up to 12 times more resistance than air, making it beneficial for strength and mobility training as well as improved cardiovascular conditioning.  It also gives knees and backs a break from land based cardio workouts.  Non-swimmers welcome and this class is for any age and ability.  Noodles and foam weights provided.  Please bring a pair of 1 to 5 pound hand weights.  Instructor:  Lisa Magyar

Seitz Middle School Pool • 8 weeks
Tuesdays June 18 – August 6   9:00-10:00 a.m.
Thursdays June 20 – August 15 (No class July 4) 9-10:00 a.m.
#6700 1 class per week $32.00
#6701 2 classes per week $60.00
#6705 Walk in $5.00

30 Minute Arms Express
For those with a busy schedule or those starting off in getting fit, you picked the right class -30 Minute Arms Express Workout!  A quick, fun workout targeting the muscles in your arms, chest and back.  A great way to tone your muscles, reduce arm flab and improve your flexibility.  Please bring 1 to 5 pound weights.  Instructor:  Lisa Magyar 

10 weeks • City Hall Gym
Wednesdays June 12 – August 14 6:00-6:30 p.m.
#6706 1 class per week $30.00
#6707 Walk in $5.00

Cardio Drumming
Cardio drumming combines easy-to-follow cardio moves with strength training and drumming.  This fun, whole body workout is designed to be either low, mid or high impact- you decide how hard you work!  This class can also be done seated for those who cannot stand during the workout.  Classes include a warm up, cardio workout, toning, and a cool down/stretching session.  Please bring your own 65 – 75 cm stability or yoga ball along with large plastic rope handled bucket for your stability ball to rest in.  Bring drumsticks or purchase drumsticks in class.  Instructor:  Lisa Magyar

9 weeks • City Hall Gym
Wednesdays June 12 – August 7 6:45-7:45 p.m.
Fridays June 14 – August 16 (No class July 5) 10:00-11:00 a.m.
#6710 1 class per week $36.00
#6711 2 classes per week $68.00
#6705 Walk in $5.00

Simple Stretching and Arm Toning
Start your day out right with these simple stretching and arm exercise.  We will be doing full body stretch exercise using movements that flow smoothly to increase flexibility, decrease muscle tension, develop core strength, improve muscular balance and improve muscle tone.  Please bring a yoga mat and a pair of 1 to 5 pound weights.  Modifications can be made for participants unable to do floor stretching.  Instructor:  Lisa Magyar

9 weeks   City Hall Gym
Fridays June 14 – August 16 (No class July 5) 9:00-9:45 a.m.
#6714 1 class per week $27.00
#6705 Walk in $5.00

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