Riverview will be the only Michigan city visited by ‘The Wall that Heals”

Mayor Andrew Swift


Andrew Swift

Let me start this month’s article with a great big “Thank You” to Tom Tigani of the Riverview Register for the flattering article last month.  

To be honest, I was a little embarrassed by it because I don’t like to talk about myself.  

It was very humbling to hear from so many people saying that they really liked the article and they had no idea all the clubs, activities, functions, and responsibilities I’ve had over the years.  

One thing that was left out was (and it was my fault) that I couldn’t have done any of this without the support of my wife. Darlene has always encouraged me to do what I think is best and she provided an environment for that to happen.  

Everything I’ve done I’ve done as part of a team. Sometimes I was the leader, most of the time as a member. Just as it is with being your Mayor, council works as a team. And I believe you have a pretty darn good team.

As you may have heard by now Riverview will be hosting “The Wall That Heals” in late May. This wall is 375 feet long and stands 7 ½ feet tall at its highest.  

It is a replica of the Vietnam Veterans Wall in Washington D.C.  

TWTH travels throughout the United States so all those that are unable to travel to Washington can pay their respects to those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.  

From what I understand, Riverview will be the only Michigan city hosting the Wall this year. This is going to be a monumental effort between the city and the American Legion Post 389.  

Personally, I’m looking forward to this event with the memory of my wife and I visiting the Vietnam Veterans Wall in Washington D.C. is still fresh in my mind.  

I too look forward to participating in the escort into town led by the Riverview Police Department. The plan is to have a police escort (Riverview Police, Fire and the Michigan State Police) of American Legion motorcycle riders and several motorcycle clubs.  

As a matter of fact, several of our surrounding community’s public safety officers will be assisting as the escort traverses the Downriver area.  

All this was made possible by a very generous contribution by the Ceaser Capital Management Company.  

As you are paying your respects, look for the names of the Riverview Fallen. They are: Kenneth Treadway, James I. Paul, Thomas J. Evans, and Dennis J Breda.

Riverview is continuing to make improvements at our Land Preserve.  We have a new management team in place which promises to bring positive changes with new equipment and procedures.  

Some of the early changes like updating our gas collection system has already happened. Please watch Facebook for some updated information coming your way.

The plans are coming together for the First Annual Riverview Highlands Golf Invitational. Save the date of Thursday, June 25. Watch Facebook and the Riverview Register for more information soon to be made public.  

I’m excited for this so we can show off the improvements to the golf course, clubhouse, parking lot, and landscaping.  I may even learn to golf so I can participate!!

Our Recreation Department is busy booking bands for our Summer Concert Series.  They will start sometime in mid-July and run through August 19th.  We will have six different bands with varying genres to satisfy your listening pleasure.

\There is something I need your input on.  We are considering putting on a “Concert on the Course”. It would take place in the area of the golf practice facility.  

This is one function that would let us show off our course and allow the concert goers to get an awesome view from the hill. There are many details to work out but we would like to know if you think this is a good idea.  And would you attend?  

Send your comments to me at aswift@cityofriverview.com.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you on this or any of my other articles.

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