School Board Approves Champions as Latchkey Provider

 During the Nov. 27 regular meeting of the Riverview Community School District Board of Education, the Board voted to partner with Champions to provide before and after school “latchkey” programming. This decision was prompted by a recent visitation from the State of Michigan LARA licensing consultant. 

The results of this visit confirmed that, while the facilities themselves were suitable, there were program operational and managerial improvements needed in order to retain licensing and continue the program, and these corrective actions needed to be completed within a short time frame. 

Wrap-around programs fall outside of the regular school day and are not a requirement for school districts. Even though these programs are optional, they are a staple in many districts, including Riverview. 

“We never considered discontinuing our latchkey program. We have a multitude of parents who rely on these types of programs and we were determined to find a way to provide our families the option of continuing these services within the district,” states district Superintendent Dr. Russell Pickell. “Our challenge was to find a program that would be compliant with all licensing requirements, afford an easy transition for parents, offer comparable pricing, and furnish an opportunity to retain existing staff.” Champions meets all these expectations and more. 

Champions brings a high level of structure and academic support to the before and after school program. “Students will have the opportunity to work on homework, receive support, or to participate in explorations and projects that supplement our existing curriculum,” says Jason Gribble, Director of Curriculum, Innovation and Grants. “With the increase in licensing requirements and academic expectations associated with public education, it will be beneficial to have a partner that is familiar with and supportive of our initiatives.” 

The district recognizes that educational services are a competitive market, and while it is impossible to please everyone, it is important to the district and families that Riverview provides opportunities that meet the high expectations of our community. 

Champions will be sending information to families which will help to effectively facilitate the transition. In the meantime, interested parties can access additional information about the organization through visitation of their website at 

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