School district begins cautious summer workouts for RCHS athletics

As schools begin the slow start up for the summer workouts, Riverview Community School District athletes will be expected to adhere to the following list of rules. 

Please note: We are only allowing fall sports to begin at this time. 

• To decrease potential exposure to respiratory droplets, athletes and coaches will practice social distancing of at least six feet apart. 

• All participants must wear a face covering or mask during activity, unless the activity is outside and the 6 feet social distancing rule is being observed. A lightweight, non- restrictive, face covering is recommended. A cloth mask is acceptable. 

• Practices can only be done outside at this time. 

• Athletes must bring their own water bottles. Any athlete that does not show up with their own water bottle will not be allowed to participate. Personal hand sanitizer is suggested. 

• If a student or coach is ill they are not allowed to attend practice. Parents, we need your help on this. 

• Athletes and coaches will need to do a pre-workout/practice screening prior to participating. This will be done before every athletic practice or training session by the coach running the practice or training session. 

• If you are not comfortable with your child participating, that is okay, at this point it is voluntary and there will not be consequences. 

• Coaches will train athletes on how practices will be safely run until we can fully open inside as well as outside. 

• Athletes and coaches are expected to disinfect areas and equipment following practice.

* Equipment will not be shared during athletic practices and training without being disinfected first. 

• After every practice, athletes should take their clothes home and wash them daily • 

• Coaches cannot meet with students until the coaches have gone through protocol training. 

Locker rooms and bathrooms will not be available at this time.

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