Sleep is an essential ingredient in staying well

Dr. Nicole Cousineau
Special to Riverview Register

Are you getting enough sleep?

Not getting a good night’s sleep could mean a cranky morning. Many  sleepless nights can affect more than just your mood.

Did you know that your body  does its physical repairing while you are sleeping. More specifically during REM sleep.

Studies show that getting good quality sleep on a regular basis can help improve many issues. When you sleep your brain is processing the emotions of the day. If you don’t give your mind enough time to reorganize these emotions you tend to have more negative thoughts and fewer positive ones. That translates to an overall “bad mood.”

Sleep plays a large role in learning and memory. Without proper sleep your brain does not have time to properly store memories and information in order to recall them at a later time.

If your brain has not stored the days information it makes it harder to process new information.

Poor sleep has been associated with high blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke, diabetes and obesity. Hormone levels are unstable and your body has trouble regulating glucose levels.

Here are a few tips to help improve your sleep habits.

n Try keeping a consistent schedule. n Keeping bedtime and wake up times the same.

n Try avoiding irregular or long daytime naps

n Skip the evening caffeine and late night snacks.

n Start a routine.  A relaxing bath or shower.

n Also avoid the blue light of electronics before sleep.

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