Some summer programs go on despite the pandemic

Mayor of Riverview, Michigan - Andrew Swift

Andrew Swift

My fellow Riverview residents, the Covid-19 pandemic continues to play a major role in our everyday lives. We encourage everyone to follow whatever the latest CDC guidelines are as they relate to wearing masks and social distancing.

To put into perspective what the Covid-19 virus means to Riverview, here are some statistics. 

As of the writing of this article, Riverview’s population is approximately 12,032.  The number provided to me from the Wayne County Health Department is that 203 of our residents have contracted the virus. That equates to around 1.68 percent of our total population. Of those 203 residents who were unfortunate enough to catch the virus, 48 passed away as a result. This leaves us with a mortality rate of 0.39 percent.  

It can be confidently said that most all the cases and losses in Riverview were residents of one of our five long-term care facilities. Use this information when you are making decisions on how it affects you and your activities around town.

As you know, many summertime events were cancelled with respect to the Covid-19 virus. One series of events that is not cancelled is our Concerts in the Park. The concert series started on Wednesday, July 8, with the band Marleyritaville.  

The concerts start at 6:30 and run till 8:30. There will be signs reminding you of the social-distancing requirements. Concerts in the Park will take place every Wednesday through Aug 19.

The Splash-Pad at Memorial Park is now open to cool your youngsters down.  Splash-Pad hours are daily Noon to 6:00 p.m. Special rules apply and are posted at the site.

All of the neighborhood parks are open for the children to take advantage of. Similar to last year, we’ve had some difficulty with our grass cutting contractor getting all the parks cut in a timely manner. We hope to have any remaining difficulties taken care of by the time this article is published.

Still on the front burner are negotiations with the fire department union. We are working toward staffing the department with eight full-time firefighter paramedics.  

These full-time employees will be supplemented with a contingent of part-time firefighters, specialists and paramedics.  

As you recall, the city council approved a “special assessment” that now appears on your summer tax bill. The city manager and attorney are now working on a millage proposal that will appear on the November ballot.  

To refresh your memory, this is not a tax increase. The 1.47 mills are replacing a sewer debt which was paid off in June. If the millage request is approved it will not take effect until July 2021.  

This move will eliminate our use of a supplemental ambulance service and insure we have a full contingency to respond to a structure fire in our community.

Recently, a couple residents asked me about what our Land Preserve does to protect the community and environment. The Riverview Land Preserve (RLP) meets or exceeds all state and federal regulations. This means that the soil and groundwater are protected by the bottom liner system which collects liquid from the waste, where it is removed and disposed of. 

Air quality is protected by use of the landfill gas collection system, and operational practices to minimize dust and odors. All operations and management staff are certified and trained. 

The RLP conducts daily, weekly and monthly inspections of all the control systems, and is inspected regularly by regulatory agencies as well. The landfill has monthly, quarterly, and annual reports to demonstrate that the operation is in compliance with regulatory requirements for environmental protection.

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