STEAM Lab at Forest Elementary is working hard

In the STEAM Lab at Forest Elementary 4th and 5th graders have been working hard at following the Engineering Design Process as they work through a NASA Rover challenge.

These rovers are made of only pasta and hot glue. When following the EDP students hit all letters of STEAM. They’re working with science and learning about axles and forces and motion, technology through research NASA Rovers, engineering through building and creating a rover that actually rolls down a ramp, art by design a plan on paper and then creating a model of the design and math by having to work with a budget to purchase supplies and calculating the average distance when testing the team Rover. 

Staying on task and following the EDP can be challenging for some groups, so as they complete each step of the EDP they are answering questions that pertain to each step of the EDP – Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Test, Improve and Reflect.  

Each challenges always ends with a Reflection. This is where students reflect on the group, the project and themselves to better prepare them for the challenges ahead.  

The students enjoy coming to STEAM and are eager to move onto new challenges.  A few upcoming 2020 challenges will be wind turbines, volleyball machines and emergency sleds.

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