Students at Forest, Memorial and Huntington get hands-on experience

Champions Program

The Champions Programs at Forest, Memorial and Huntington schools introduce Riverview Community School District students to a wide variety of information and ideas. Here are some examples:

Pop Art

Students discovered how the pop art movement brought playfulness, boldness, commonplace items, and popular culture into art communities and museums worldwide.

Simple Machines

Simple Machines are all around us! Students will learn the basic types of simple machines as well as the everyday tools we use that are comprised of simple machines. Students have had hands-on opportunities to work with simple machines while building pulleys, experimenting with wheels and axles, creating inclined planes, and combining different types of simple machines.

Gross and Gooey Physiology

Students learned the science behind the digestive system and use inquiry-based learning skills to analyze how various body part function. Exploring body systems, organs, and germs will introduce students to foundational information studied in many health related fields.

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