Students enjoy Ice Cream Social

Gavin Pounders of Mrs. Culverhouse’s class shows off his ice cream.

Earlier this spring the Kiwanis of Riverview held their First Annual Spring Canned Food Drive. Nearly 1,300 canned goods were collected from all  five of the district’s schools. All of the canned goods were donated to the St. Cyprian Food Bank.

The class at each school that collected the most canned goods were each rewarded with an ice cream party. The chocolate and vanilla ice cream, along with all the required serving materials were provided by the Kiwanis.

The winning classes were Mrs. Culverhouse’s fourth-grade class at Memorial School, Mrs. Hartley’s second-grade class at Forest Elementary, Mrs. Hayden’s combination fourth- and fifth-grade class at Hunting and Mr. Jenkins ninth-grade class at Riverview Community High School.

At the Seitz Middle School the canned food drive was performed by the new Kiwanis sponsored Builder’s Club. The Builder’s Club will be rewarded with a school year dinner sponsored by the Kiwanis for sponsoring the canned food drive along with the many other events they participated in.

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