Take a bow, Riverview, that was quite a summer

Photo Larry Caruso


Wow, what a year this has been! 

So many activities happened here in Riverview in 2021, and all it happened with the COVID-19 quarantine, people trying to get shots, masking, lots of people still dying. (I’ve lost a few good friends along the way), fires burning all over the west, floods in the south, record heat and hurricanes. Then, the Afghanistan thing happened.

And that’s just on the national level. 

Locally, we have plenty going on, too.

In no particular order:

There is the Riverview Landfill expansion thing. 

The Annual Summerfest. It was a fun time here in Riverview, drawing record crowds. 

The Memorial Day program honoring the 17 fallen in Riverview. 

And The Wall that Heals came in. 

Thanks goes to many who chipped to make these events successful, Here is a shout out to some of them.

The Riverview football team, under the direction of coach Derek McLaughlin, pitched in and put up 300 flags around the Reflection Pond at Young Patriots Park – twice, once before Memorial Day and then again the Sunday before the “Wall” arrived, 

Thanks, too, to John Price and Gene Wagoner who lead the charge on the flag thing. They were there for the putting up and taking down of the flags – twice. 

Thanks to all the motorcycles and riders that escorted  the “Wall That Heals” truck all the way from Elizabeth Park to Trenton to Riverview to Wyandotte to Southgate to Lincoln Park and then back again. Oh my gosh, what a site. 

Not to mention all the police cars escorting and blocking all of those many intersections along the way. What a complicated project to organize and carry out. Congrats Chief Ron Beggs and Lt. Richie Troup who organized this. 

Tons of organizational meetings went into this and there are too many other helpers to thank by name.

I do have to recognize the tireless time and effort that Todd Dickman and Donna Mitchell of the Recreation Department put in. My gosh, they were pulled in every direction because of all the last minute changes and they performed every duty with a smile.

Their fallback comment was,  “No problem, we’ll take care of it.” 

Also, I guess none of the Riverview projects would have happened without the volunteers. Oh yeah, volunteers and lots of them. Not just Veterans, but all kinds of folks – old and young – pitching in to make things work successfully and smoothly. 

Holy smokes, busy, busy, busy. 

Finally, a  huge thank you must go out to Mico and Michael Ceaser and Ceaser Capital Management. They footed the bill for all of this. 

And on top of all of that I have to mention my family – my daughter and my wife and I are celebrating our birthdays, and my wife and I are celebrating our 60th wedding anniversary. 

Sorry for the personal note, folks, hope you understand. 

Ok Riverview, that was quite a summer. Take a deep breath, sit back and relax, but not for too long. The November election is right around the corner.