Teachers Sara Heise, Audrey Hunter are STEM Maker Leaders

Sara Heise and Audrey Hunter were chosen to represent Riverview school district as STEM Maker Leaders through Wayne RESA. 

With this program, they will be collaborating with other districts about new STEM ideas they have or ones they would like to bring back into their own classrooms. This program is meant to spread awareness of the possibilities in STEM not only in their own personal classrooms. 

They will be working with other teachers within the Riverview Community District to help them integrate more STEM into their programs as well. 

Through the completion of this year-long leadership program, Sara and Audrey will be receive a $3,800 grant to purchase new maker, engineering and tech supplies for their classrooms. 

Some new supplies they plan are purchasing include: green screen kits, 3D printer, cardboard cutting materials, engineering blocks and robots. These supplies will give the students ample opportunities to be exposed to all areas of STEM!

Some exciting projects happening in Heise’s STEAM class currently include: 2nd-3rd grade watercraft designing and 4th-5th Halloween Decoration Maker competition. 

Students collaborate as a team to design one project that meets a specific set of goals and then must be presented to the class. 

The 4th and 5th graders were given a challenge to create the best Halloween decorations using a set number of makerspace materials. They then held a “Halloween Wars” competition to see who had the most creative decoration. 

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