The show must go on for RCHS actors

With Covid-19 creating such a challenging year for not only academics but clubs as well, the Riverview Community High School Drama Club still managed to produce a creative performance.  

Titled “The Senior Prank,” the student-written and student-directed cabaret was a wonderful collection of scenes tied together under the theme of a murder mystery, specifically of one dead classmate found at a party. 

 The dead “classmate” was played by RCHS music director Mr. Ian Nicholas. The students involved enjoyed putting together their own scenes, musical numbers, and dances.     

 With the acts being student led, there were bound to be some challenges; but due to the nature of the year and the show, the Drama Club’s teamwork prevailed and they encouraged each other that the show must go on!  

Students deeply appreciated a chance to perform, even without a live audience, and supported each other immensely.  

“It was so much fun to get to see everyone’s acts and the love that was put into them! I’m really glad that we did the cabaret this year because it was so much fun writing a skit. Something I would not have done otherwise,” says Junior, Lydia Bennett.  

“The Senior Prank” was filmed on Thursday, April 22 and will be streamed on the Riverview Community High School Facebook page on May 14 and 15th at 7 p.m.