There has been plenty of learning at Forest Elementary School

Forest Elementary School held its annual Penny Wars the week of Nov. 18-22.  

VIP Camp Connect was voted on at the monthly Parent Club Meeting to receive the funds. VIP Camp Connect provides a summer camp program for students with disabilities.

Each class brought in pennies for their class. Silver Coins and dollars were used to sabotage other classrooms. The support was overwhelming with Mrs. Grunwald’s fourth grade class coming out on top as winners by the end of the week.  

Mrs. Jen Campeau and Mrs. Gail Sombati were presented with a check for $1,441.93.  Way to go Forest Pirates!

Students study disabilities

For the last few months in 5th grade ELA, we have read several Newsela articles about people with disabilities and prosthetics, read the books Ugly and Wonder about children who were born differently, and completed close reads on Charlotte Ponce and Joseph Merrick who both struggle/struggled with facial deformities.  

Through all of our reading, students have learned that although people may look different on the outside, they still need to be treated with kindness and respect because we are all the same on the inside.  

As a culminating activity, Wright & Filippis gave an amazing presentation for our 5th graders.

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