Turtle Island contest returns with new format

Turtle Island returns for the third year in a row later this month.  

Three years ago Turtle Island was designed and built by Riverview DPW employee Steve Scherer. It was designed to give the turtles that make their home in the reflection pond of Young Patriot’s Park a safe place to bask in the sun. 

All turtles generally need to “bask in the sun” every day for at least two hours. They need ultraviolet light for their metabolism, mood regulation, and breeding.

Two years ago was the first annual “Spot the First Turtle on Turtle Island contest.”  

The first to submit a picture that year and winner of a Starbucks gift certificate was Pam Cusumano.

Last year’s winner was Susan Garrison. She submitted her picture one minute and 10 seconds before the second submission and by doing so won a $20 Serendipity gift certificate.

This year’s contest will be a little different.  

Anyone who submits a picture of this year’s Turtle Island with at least one turtle on it (changes will be made so the island will be unique from years past) will have his or her name put into a basket and a drawing will be held on May 14 at noon.  

The winner will receive a $50.00 Gift Card to The Taco Stand.

All entries should be submitted by Thursday, May 13, 6 p.m. to Mayor Swift at aswift@cityofriverview.com.  

The mayor asks that “Turtle Island Contest” be put in the subject line.

Good Luck and get those pictures in.