Water bill autopay is available for residents

Have you signed up for the Water Auto Bill Pay program that the City of Riverview offers as a method to pay your residential water bill?  

You might be thinking of trying this service, but you’d like a little more information.  

Life can get crazy and it is hard to remember when you last paid your water bill because it is not a regular monthly bill that you pay.  Oftentimes it is that “surprise bill” because it only comes four times a year.  

The bills are due roughly Jan. 5, April 5, July 5 and Oct. 5.

Here is how the Water Auto Bill Pay program works, what information is needed and why.  

This is a program the city has offered for a while now.  It allows a resident to have the water bill automatically deducted from their bank account and applied to their utility account on the due date.  

It takes the guesswork out of remembering to pay a quarterly water bill.  

You have the peace of mind that your water bill is being taken care of and being applied to your account so there are no surprise delinquent water bills being transferred to your summer taxes and no unexpected shut off notices.

How do you know what your quarterly water bill will be for those of us that still balance a checkbook?  You will be emailed your quarterly bill instead of receiving a paper bill in the mail. 

That emailed bill will have the amount due and the withdrawal date of the funds. 

That is how we can afford to not charge any fee for this service. The normal water bill process involves incurring the costs for the ink and paper to print, then the envelopes and postage to mail.  When you sign up for autopay, it is mandatory that you have an email address so we can email your bill.

What do you need in order to sign up for this service?  

You need a valid email address to which we will email the quarterly bill. You will need either a cancelled check or a letter from your financial institution that has the routing number and bank account number so we can verify the accuracy of the banking information.  (Please note we are not able to pull funds from a business checking or business savings account.)  

And lastly fill out our Automatic Water Bill Payment Form that can be found on-line or in our Treasury lobby by the payment counter.  (Please note that you will need to fill out the water account number from a bill and the address that service is being provided to.)  

A pre-note will be done with no money attached to it to verify the banking information is entered correctly and communicating with our bank prior to the first scheduled autopay.  If there are any issues with your information, we will either call or email you.  If your banking information changes, please notify us immediately so we can update your account.

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