What’s going on at Seitz? Just take a look

Challenge for students: to build the tallest structure they could using toothpicks and candy corn with a partner.

Plenty has been happening at Seitz Middle School.

Builder’s Club members collected donations to benefit local animals. With drive, which concluded Nov. 1, the group hoped to raise $150 in the dogs container to purchase an outdoor doghouse that will protect an animal in Detroit this winter.

In the cat container, the Builder’s Club hoped to raise another $150 to donate to the Wyandotte Animal Adoption Center. The boxes are meant for donations of food, food dishes, leashes, collars, toys, etc.

After Halloween, Builder’s Club had a drive for candy (discounted Halloween candy is the best) that will be donated to the troops in active duty service.

Riverview Kiwanis and Builder’s Club will be packing Thanksgiving baskets at 9 a.m. in the middle school cafeteria on Saturday, Nov. 23.

School has new Chromebooks

Seitz Middle School is implementing new initiatives to focus on continuous improvement and student achievement. We are encouraging teachers to develop a more personalized, proficiency-based learning model in their classrooms. 

In order to better assist with this process, all content area classrooms now have 15 Chromebooks. Teachers are utilizing this technology to develop more student-centered learning.

Our district believes the workshop instructional model will serve as a necessary structure for redesigning a more differentiated learning environment for students. The workshop model minimizes lecturing and maximizes learning. This structure empowers our students to work at their own pace and make choices in their learning pathways toward proficiency.

Seitz spiders – Learning is fun at Seitz. Here, students compete in the final round of the spider race. Using a plastic spider and a straw, the students had to compete to see who could get the spider to the finish line first.

Riverview Community School District is providing resources to support the implementation of student-centered learning practices. 

Teachers are receiving job-embedded coaching to help them move towards the workshop model. As teachers begin to grapple with the concept of “learning as the constant, time as the variable,” we must recognize the need to provide reliable, yet flexible class structures that offer diverse opportunities for students to work at their own pace. 

Many of our teachers have added a blended learning component to these practices. They are using technology tools such as Big Ideas and Imagine Learning in Math, Frontier Writing and Lexia Power Up Literacy in ELA, Discovery Education in Science and Newsela in Social Studies. 

Students who have been absent, are moving at a faster pace, or those who need some re-teaching can view the online video lessons anywhere, anytime. 

Our schools are committed to reimagining teaching and learning in the twenty-first century to better prepare students for college and careers in a new global economy.

No Vaping pledge

On Friday Nov.1 representative from the American Heart Association came to Seitz to do a school-wide presentation on the dangers of vaping/E-cigarette/JUUL use among students. 

In addition to attending the presentation students were asked to register for the American Heart Challenge and make the commitment to no vaping. 

The goal is to have 100 percent of Seitz students take the pledge of No Vape November.

Students and staff join us in celebrating the success of No Vape November by going red for Seitz’s wear Red Day for Heart Health Awareness on Friday, Nov. 22.

Want to help your student register and take the challenge? Visit: www2.heart.org/goto/seitzmiddle. Register and take the No Vaping Challenge today.

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