Your decorated house could be a winner

The Riverview Beautification Commission will again be hosting its annual Home Christmas Decoration Contest. The official dates of judging will be Thursday, Dec. 4 through Saturday, Dec. 6.  

On these dates members of the Beautification Commission will be riding around town looking for those homes that have gone the extra mile to brighten up the neighborhood. 

 “We have to have early judging dates in order to have time to notify the winners and recognize them at the second council meeting of the month,” said Recreation Director Todd Dickman.” 

That meeting will be Monday, Dec. 16th, at 7:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers. 

This year the Beautification Commission will be selecting their six favorites and Mayor Swift will be selecting his favorite. Each winner will receive a beautiful wreath from the Kiwanis of Riverview to be displayed on the home owner’s front door.  

Each member of the commission is assigned a section of the city looking for their favorites. This event is popular amongst the commission because you get to drive around and see hundreds of decorated homes. You really get the feeling of community when you see the effort put in by so many residents.

The Recreation Department is planning a little twist this year to the contest.  Please look for an announcement on the Riverview Recreation Facebook page for more details later this month.

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